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Questions about installation.

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I work in IT, and I have a client that at one time reported reinstalling the product many times on her own thinking it was expired. At the time we identified that she was never deselecting the checkbox to opt out of the free trial, and was reinstalling to keep using the free trial. We explained this was a breach in terms and agreement, and notified her to stop doing this. We then reinstalled the product, and deselected the free trial for her, and everything was perfect.


After a reimage now, she contacted us stating she is trying to reinstall Malwarebytes, and is missing the check box to deselect the free trial. I remoted into her computer and confirmed she only has the option start the software. 


My question is this: Since this is the same machine, does the free trial authenticate with you guys online, say via MAC Address? 


My worry is that she will get the pop ups stating to activate now in 30 days or so.

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It sounds to me like she has gone through the Free Trial enough and now is in normal On Demand Free mode.


Either she pays and gets the Key-Code to extract the full, professional version, or she stays in the free On Demand mode.

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Hello and :welcome: :


EDIT: OOPS! Dave was faster and more succinct. :D  Yes, the Trial does normally revert to Free after 14 days.  More detail below:
AFAIK, With the current version of the MBAM installer and the current version of the mbam-clean removal tool, a user ought NOT to be offered the Trial version upon reinstallation if it was previously used on that same box.
IOW, as you correctly surmised, the Trial version should be a one-time deal.
The fact that she did not see the offer for the Trial this time around means that it's likely working properly.
It's only a 14-day Trial, BTW, but -- unless something is amiss or awry -- she ought not to be prompted again about an expiring Trial. She probably has the Free version now.
There are a couple of ways to verify this.
First, open the main GUI and look at the ribbon at the very top: It will say either "Free" or "Trial" or "Premium".
Second, you can run this mbam-check utility -- the log it produces will confirm the version type and whether the trial has been used on this box. Instructions here. You can ATTACH the log to your next reply here, if you need help reading it.
If her system says "Free", and that's all she wants, she should be fine.
If it says "Trial", and she wants to revert to the Free version, there are 4 options, any of which will work:

  • Allow the trial to expire in 14 days;
  • Click the "End Trial" popup notification;
  • Click the "End Free Trial" link in the GUI;
  • Perform a clean reinstall, using the method described here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x - be sure to "opt out" (remove the check mark from) the Free trial, if it is offered again during the installation wizard.

EDIT: And, as Dave correctly explained, of course, if she wants the paid, Premium version after the Trial expires, she will need to purchase a license.


For future reference, detailed tutorials for cleanly uninstalling and reinstalling are in the link ^^above^^ in step #4: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x


I hope this helps.



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