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uTorrent update installer detected as PUP.Optional.OpenCandy


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PUP.Optional.OpenCandy, C:\Users\Exile\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\updates\3.4.0_30620.exe, , [c7a3e5829ce0c47254c156958f7538c8],
VT scan results:

VT analysis 1419569540

MBAM isn't the only product detecting this old uTorrent installer as OpenCandy, however it's only hit by a total of 4 including Malwarebytes and given the age of the update, I suspect an FP, especially since I've got several other uTorrent patch installers which have been downloaded since which scan clean by Malwarebytes. So either this is an FP, or MBAM might need to add detection for the other patch installers assuming uTorrent was and still is bundling OpenCandy with their patches (although even though I did indeed install this patch at some point, no other traces of OpenCandy have been found on my system).


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Ah, cool, thanks :)

I guess you guys just recently modded the defs for this which would explain why it was only now detected even though that file's been on my system for quite sometime (I haven't even used/launched uTorrent in ages).

Did you want one or more of the other installers that weren't detected to see if they have it bundled as well? If they do, then you'd be able to catch some variants being missed.

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