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how can I tell what volumes MBAM actually scanned?

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When I last tried using MBAM back in August, I was hit by a bad bug in MBAM if it tried to scan a TrueCrypt volume.  My travails are documented in this post.

So, I was keen to see if the latest version fixes that bug.


I downloaded and installed the latest MBAM (version this morning.  Before leaving for work, I selected a custom scan, and selected all my drives (including 2 TrueCrypt volumes), and selected all scan options, including for rootkits.


When I got back home, I found to my pleasure that my machine had not crashed, and that MBAM was presenting me with scan results: the scan lasted for about 2.5 hours, and found 2 issues, of which just one was maybe serious (see this post for details).


What has me concerned is if MBAM actually scanned my 2 TrueCrypt volumes, as opposed to, say, skipping them if it identifies them as TrueCrypt volumes.


I can see from the MBAM GUI how to get the scan log.  I am attaching the text file export of that to this post.


My problem is that the scan log seems to be really inadequate.  In particular, I do not see any list in there of all the volumes that were actually scanned.


Is this a defect in MBAM, or have I overlooked some way to find that information?


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MBAM works best and is designed to be installed and run on the OS boot drive.

Routine, "custom", full system scans of all system drives will be slow.

Moreover, such scans are neither necessary nor recommended on a routine basis.

It's a task better suited to your anti-virus.


For routine scanning (especially on systems running MBAM Premium alongside a robust anti-virus), Threat scans are all that are needed or recommended.



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