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Hello --


Does "ms defender" try to do the same as  malware-bytes?

Yes, but it is not nearly as robust.

There is no comparison, IMHO.


Also, with the free version, the "quick scan to grayed out -- is this by design?

I think you might be referring to the "Hyper" scan?

The different types of scans were renamed in version 2.

"Flash" is now "Hyper"

"Quick" is now "Threat"

"Full" is now "Custom"

YES, Hyper scan is available only to paid, PREMIUM (and Trial version) users and is not routinely needed or recommended -- if anything is found, a subsequent Threat scan will be needed anyway.

THREAT scan is the most important and most useful scan -- it is the one that ought be run on a regular basis (daily is the default setting now in 2.0).

Custom depends on what drives, folders and files are selected -- routine use of a "full" system scan is neither necessary nor recommended, as it's a task better suited to your antivirus.

ALSO, for additional information:

There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF

And there are many useful KB topics and videos at the helpdesk support page



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EDIT: Haha! Great minds think alike, DHL! You beat me to the punch! :D


You are most welcome.


Yes, you can disable Windows Defender.


However, just as a minor point of clarification, depending on the version of Windows you are running...


If you are running Windows 8 or 8.1 "Windows Defender" is actually the native, built-in anti-VIRUS (AV) (it's based on the old Microsoft Security Essentials).

For Vista and 7,  "Windows Defender" is just a weaker anti-MALWARE application; it's not a real or robust anti-virus.

AND MBAM is NOT an anti-virus: Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?


Bottom line: no matter what version of Windows you have, if you disable Windows Defender, then you will need a robust AV (free or paid) alongside MBAM Premium.


If you keep Windows Defender enabled on Windows Vista or 7, you still need an anti-virus alongside MBAM Premium (although many AV vendors would suggest disabling Defender when you install their software).

If you keep Windows Defender enabled on Windows 8 or 8.1, then you can still run MBAM Premium, but you would NOT install another anti-virus; doing so could create serious conflicts and other system problems.


I hope this makes sense.

If not, perhaps one of our more expert forum helpers can explain it better. :)



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