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AzureusTor.exe.bak was indentified as a trojan exploit--really?

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I just downloaded the latest MBAM (version and scanned my entire computer this morning.


The only serious issue that it found was that it identified


as a "trojan exploit".


This sounds awful!


I did a Google web searching on the keywords

    "AzureusTor.exe.bak" malware

and there are only 2 pages of hits.  Perhaps the best link is the first hit.  That web page seems to be the result of some automated analysis.  If you look at its Signature section, the claimed malicious actions are exactly what I think a Tor plugin for Azureus should, in fact, do.  (I do want Azureus on my system, byt the way, for file sharing.)


Furthermore, I rescanned just that file with my (paid for) version of AVG, and it claimed that it was harmless.


So, does anyone know more about whether or not AzureusTor.exe.bak is a genuine piece of malware, or did I just quarantine legit software?


And if it is bad, now much harm was done to my system?


Let me know if you want me to upload my copy of AzureusTor.exe.bak.




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Yepp, sure seems like a FP

First submission 2014-05-06 01:44:23 UTC ( 7 months, 3 weeks ago )

Publisher Azureus Software

Signature verification Signed file, verified signature

Signing date 6:28 PM 4/15/2014


[+] Azureus Software

[+] VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA

[+] VeriSign

Counter signers

[+] Symantec Time Stamping Services Signer - G4

[+] Symantec Time Stamping Services CA - G2

[+] Thawte Timestamping CA

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