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Laptop freezing...Keep getting "powershell has stopped working" error

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Laptop freezing...Keep getting "powershell has stopped working" error.

Over the last few days my HP Pavilion dm4 (Windows 7) has slowed to a halt. Browsing is much faster while the Malwarebytes scan is running but slows again shortly after. Something is also preventing the download of the most recent windows update regarding malware removal. Please help!

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I began receiving "Power Shell Has Stopped Working" messages on Saturday 12/13/2014. I am running Windows 7 at a Service Pack One Level

and I have automatic download and updating enabled within Microsoft's "Windows Update" utility so that the software is always kept

updated with the latest fixes. On Friday 12/12/2014, an update was successfully applied (it was the only update applied on that day) and then the Power Shell problems began on the very next day. I ran full system scans with both Norton and Windows Defender and no issues were

found. I keep both of these products updated with the latest virus definitions at all times.

I'm currently investigating the possibility that this is not a malware related problem but rather a problem update distributed

by Microsoft to the user community. It would not be the first time that I've encountered problems that were caused by Microsoft's fixes.

The description and id for this update is "Update For Windows 7" and "KB302477" respectively. If you're on automatic updating (like I am)and currently running Windows 7, then there is a strong possibility that this update was also recently applied to your system. If so,

please provide some feedback that this situation is also in existence on your end.

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To all in this topic... its always better to start your own topic as everyone's computer is different...

That being said, have you guys tried uninstalling that update?

We have been discussing this update as well as others in a different section of the forum... her is some info from one of our members...


New wrinkle:

Windows 7: A "non-existent" Windows update ("KB3024777") even Google can't find

The original rec was to uninstall 3004394, even if it wasn't causing apparent problems.

Now they are saying that users should NOT uninstall it, but should re-patch with 3024777.

I did not do my updates until yesterday, by which time 3004394 had been pulled, and I have not yet been offered 3024777.

And at least one problem has been reported with 3024777: http://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/355041-update-kb3024777-makes-system-unstable.html

So I ain't "going there", either, until this is definitively sorted.

OTOH, it appears that 3024777 is possibly being distributed only to systems that do have 3004394 installed?????



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I am currently unable to uninstall the "KB302477" update because it's not included within the list of installed updates within the "Windows Update" panel (this issue is restated within the below attached link).  The attached link was published by InfoWorld on Monday 12/15/14 in regards to this update.  As you will conclude after reading it, it sounds like there is a little bit of confusion going on within the Microsoft support side of the fence in regards to this update.  This update may have nothing to do with the power shell problem but it may be causing other problems that you are currently experiencing.    



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