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Inconsistent Installation versus MEE

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With MBAE, our users are getting a program folder group on their start menu, and an UNINSTALL option right there on the Start Menu Program Folder.


That's not good.


The rest of the End Point Security suite installs without the Start menu group being created (when those options are selected in the policies, but MBAE doesn't have it's own set of policy options regarding those settings and  does not apparently inherit the settings from the policies defined for MEE.


I've seen this with every version of MBAE we've tested so far, but for the record, the currently installed version is


Will this be corrected, and or is there a way to achieve this with the current version?




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Yes you are correct CxL. We'll take a closer look at this for future versions.


In the meantime if you have some type of endpoint management agent (or even via Active Directory GPO?) you could manually delete that folder as it is simply that, a folder on the users' profile.

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