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Malwarebytes pops up every 30 minutes

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Hello, I apologize if this has already been solved/addressed before, but I've tried as much researching as I can to find a solution for this, and I'm unable to find anything.


I've had Malwarebytes (free) for about a year now. About a month ago, when I tried to open it for a scan, it refused to open and I tried using Chameleon, but when I used it it detected nothing and uninstalled its driver, and I still wasn't able to get Malwarebytes open. After a little while, I decided just to uninstall it and install it again, which worked. However, now I'm faced with another issue.


About every 30 minutes, the program will open up on its own, and start scanning for updates as well as viruses. I've tried going into settings to change it, but it doesn't seem to allow me to change any of the settings which I'd like to test to make it go away. I've also tried uninstalling it and re-installing it again, but it still does the same thing.


So anyways, I really need help figuring this out. Is it supposed to pop up every 30 minutes now, to promote buying the premium version? Or is there another issue that I am not realizing? I apologize if I seem very ignorant on this matter, but I really am at lost for what to do. Thank you.


I also have AVAST (free) installed, and both of them ran smoothly together up until about a month ago. I don't know if it might be because of both of them or not, but it could be, so I'm going to put this down.


(ps. I'm sorry if this is really bad grammar, I'm a freshman in high school and I'm really self conscious about my writing skills.)

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Hello and :welcome:

Let's try this first.... (at the end of the install make sure you uncheck Start Trial)

Thank You,



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