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MBAM user governance

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Hi I decided to register because I have a question which relates to the positioning of the software.



Being a security amateur and branding specialist i run into questions having to setup MBAM for Average PC users JOE DOE and JANE ROE. Also fo rmy own usage (a security hobbyist), I simply can't understand why MBAM forces a configuration upon me. So I would advocate a more restrictive and smarter user interface for home user and a more configurable interface for the PREMIUM/Business user. This involves some repackaging.


1) MalwareBytes Positions MalwareBytes Anti-Malware as the Windows Defender Companion: 


Windows Defender runs well on WIN 8.1 (WIN 10). When something is free it is hard to sell a paid solution. Looking at the current costs of MBAM and cost of revolving licenses. Also those John Doe's/Jane Roe's won't install EMET, so imagine the Windows 8.1 and onward as a potential market and do the math


a) Combine MBAE-free with MBAM premium and sell it as new MBAM HOME package. Make changes to the GUI, reduce the number of options, make it even more monkey-proof. E.G. schedule a rootkit scan based on event manager logs (heck force a MBMA to schedule a windows update and run cleanmgr). 


Business Case: compare AV-add-(way MBAM is now positioned) against the Windows Defender Add-ON (making it a substitute / alterbative for AV's).


Prerequisite is to enter some AV-test (build trusts) with  this combo WD+MBAM HOME to show how well this combo works (for relatively little money).




2) Sell a fully modular MBAM premium and BMAE premium (seperately) for the Business / Corporate user. 
Please drop those annoying warnings and allow me to NOT install some components (e.g. URL blocker), since I want to tweak/administrate the setup (as a home nerd or corporate system manager). 





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