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I have a premium account of MB for 5 pcs and recently it has stopped updating on 1 machine.


I am getting a little worried now. I think someone may have installed something on my machine.


What is happening:

* Open MB and window shows Orange banner with text 'Your databases are out of date'
*Next to Database version is says - Unable to access update server.

*When i click 'update now' Nothing happens.


Also there is a big red X next to real-time protection.


I can run a scan however it will be based on the old database.


Have a look at the link below:



Can anyone help?






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Please start with  the following to resolve the issue. 

1. Right click the Malwarebytes taskbar icon http://goo.gl/7V2NBS  {by the Windows system clock}  and click "Exit"    

2. Then wait **about a minute** for that process to take effect.

3. Restart the Malwarebytes application from the programs menu or desktop shortcut.

Click the Settings icon >> then Detection and Protection
are the 2 protections on for Malware protection + Malicious website protection ?

Click whichever one is not "ON" **slowly and wait just a bit**. They typically will get going but require some patience.
It may take a minute or so for Windows to finish turning on the service.

4. _In most cases this resolves the issue_, however if the issue still persists, reboot the computer ( by shutting down and restarting Windows) and the issue should be resolved.

5. If the above procedures still do not correct the issue for you then please download the MBAM installer from the link below and reinstall the program ( over the top of what you have)  which will fix the issue for you.


Please let me know the status after this.    If no joy after this, please tell me your antivirus program version, plus we may need to get diagnostic reports from you.

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Hello newroesturgeon and welcome:

We are disappointed to read your system is having issues. Each computer is unique. Problems that seem "the same" most often are not.

The same is true for solutions. They most often need to be individualized.

It is less confusing for everyone if we adhere to the "one user per topic" sub-forum policy.

Please start a NEW, SEPARATE topic using this >>cjfj.png<< button.
Staffers, experts and helpers will be able to more easily provide both you, and the OP/Topic Starter, with individualized assistance to get you both up and running.

Thank you always for your patience and understanding. :)

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