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Considering upgrading to MBAM Premium

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Had a bad experience with Trojan.Poweliks or dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate infection last month.  Took computer to local computer shop and erased hard drive and re-installed Win7 and all other programs.  Unpleasant.


Since then, been spending a lot of time at Malwarebytes Forum, reading and learning a lot.  Not a computer expert by any means, but if one reads enough stuff by people who know their stuff, you can learn a lot.


I’ve been using the Free MBAM program for several weeks.  MBAM found some items on another computer than seemed to avoid the Trojan.Poweliks or dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate infection.  So far, I’m impressed.


I’m planning on upgrading to the Premium version this month.  However, I just have a few questions. (For clarity, my computers are not currently infected with Trojan.Poweliks or dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate.  Because of my recent experience, I will be referring to those malwares in my questions.)


I have seen this post on removal of Poweliks.


In the post, there is talk about both removal (I assume post-infection) and prevention (I assume pre-infection or in the process of attack).  Is it correct that MBAM can “cure” Poweliks infections, not just prevent them?


At the same time, I continue to see posts about Poweliks problems under the Malware Removal Help forum – such as these posts.



If MBAM can “cure” Poweliks infections, why are some users having to go through a very extensive Poweliks removal process using Farbar, ComboFix, AdwCleaner, TDSSKiller, etc., instead of just using MBAM?


Before I make the jump to MBAM Premium, I wanted to learn a little more about its capabilities both Pre- and Post-Infection with Poweliks as a good example.



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Having Malwarebytes premium together with a good up to date antivirus will go a long way of keeping you from getting re-infected. Remember on one single product can protect you from everything (including yourself). Malware changes daily so Malwarebytes does its best to keep up with the bad guys.

Have a read through this pinned topic: The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware as to why so many tools get used to clean up computers that are already infected.

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Many thanks for the reply.  I appreciate the link to The complexity... posting.  I think I am getting to the understanding that MBAM is not a panacea capable of complete computer sterility.


Maybe my questions about Poweliks were overly detailed and a thorough response would be several lengthy paragraphs.


I'd still like to learn more about whether MBAM is more effective on the front end (prevention, or pre-infection) or on the back end (removal, or post-infection), or both.


The numerous posts about Poweliks problems under the Malware Removal Help forum (two of which I linked to above) make me wonder about MBAM's efficacy on the back end (removal, or post-infection).


From the number of posts about Poweliks problems under the Malware Removal Help forum, it does seem as if that Trojan is a fairly challenging one.  It also is probable that users (such as myself) who question whether MBAM is or is not capable of a back-end "cure" of an infection such as Poweliks just don't know the limits of anti-malware technology and are expecting too much.


If that is the case with my question, I'm fine with that answer.  Just interested in learning.


As I said above, I am planning on upgrading to MBAM Premium this month.  MBAM limitations will not change that decision, but it is good to know what the limitations may be and how to avoid incurring them.

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  • Root Admin

Yes the infection is very prolific no doubt about it. But don't forget that most antivirus is not stopping it either. They modify their code as well to try to keep infecting. I think MBAM does better than most both at protecting and clean up. Generally speaking the latest Poweliks infection will need our stand alone Anti-Rootkit tool for removal.

I would highly suggest watching the following videos and using our other software for protection against this exploit.

MBAE Exploits How they work

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit in action

Product information for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

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