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MBAM-free: How do I stop the main window from popping up every hour after updating ?

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How do I stop the main window from popping up every hour after updating ?

This is very annoying, and very stupid !

Of course it would be more logical to show the main window only if the update fails.

And the automatic updates cannot be disabled in the free version after the 14-day premium trial has expired....

Really clever... :mellow:

Are there any good solution to this except unistalling, running MBAM-cleaner, reinstalling, and then disable all updates ???

Personally I know a few ways to prevent any program from running, but this is on a friends computer.... ;)

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MBAM Premium 2.x pretty much runs silently, in the background, from the system account, including all scheduled tasks (update checks and clean, scheduled scans).

Depending on one's settings, one would never/rarely see the main dashboard, or even notification popups, unless there were something noteworthy and important (outdated databases, malware or non-malware detections, etc).


MBAM Free is a manual, on-demand scanner with NO real-time protection. The user must manually open the GUI, update databases, scan, etc.


So, without a bit more information about what you are seeing, it's hard to know for sure what you are seeing. :(


In order for us to better help you:

  1. Please read the following and post back attached to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)
  2. AND, if possible, please attach a screen shot of the "main window" pop-up you are seeing.
  3. AND, please tell us: would you like to revert to the Free, manual, on-demand version, OR would you like to upgrade to the Premium, paid, real-time version?  (The reason for asking is so that we can provide tailored and specific advice to meet your needs.)

NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here - Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions


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