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Need Help with MBAM-RT utilty


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Greeting Experts,

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to get the current version of MBAM-RT to run on remote computers via using psexec.exe (i.e. scrip.bat file). I copy the mbam fil (as zip) and 7zip.exe cli utility over to the target computer, Unzip the folder, and start the bat file that updates and scans in “-silent” mode. My problem is trying to get the log files redirected to a different share location on the network. I know the use of /logtofile and /logtofolder is not possible. But I found the following “https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/157029-how-to-customize-mbam-rt-default-settings/” and thought this may be an option that can be used… As anybody had the chance to try this out??  IF so, how did it work out… and how did you set it up to redirect the log files to different location.

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Hi JBOB, yes the "logtype=1" and "logs=\\UNC_Path" registry entry has been tested and works. Just make sure to make the registry key for MBAM-RT read-only (not writeable) as per step 5 of the article after customizing the settings and then execute MBAM-RT remotely via psexec.

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