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Weird registry key has appeared HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Æ’AÆ’vÆ’Å Æ’PÂ [more]

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I just noticed in HKCU\Software a new key, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ƒAƒvƒŠƒP [ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ ƒEƒBƒU [ƒh‚Å ¶ ¬‚³‚ꂽƒ  [ƒJƒ‹ ƒAƒvƒŠƒP [ƒVƒ‡ƒ“


I have no reason to suspect that I might be infected by malware, since I have MBAM Pro, NIS, SAS Pro, as well as Zemana, but one never knows. Perhaps that key is merely a software license of some program or other, but one would expect a programmer to hide it a little better. I could export it, delete it, then wait and see if something stops working. There is no data on any of the subkeys that gives me a clue as to what it is. I do visit the registry regularly, and I would think that I would have seen it if it had been there all this time.


The subkey is EasyConfig which has 13 value entries, one default, 11 different "Col" DWord values, plus a binary value named EasyConfigDlgSize. My friend Google tells me about a program called EasyConfig, but I've never heard of it.


Does anyone have any idea what this is or if it is related to malware? Doing a Google search for part of the key value gives me only 9 hits, but the relevant ones all seem to be concerned about malware, but are, alas, in other languages. https://www.google.com/search?num=30&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&channel=fflb&q=%C3%86%E2%80%99A%C3%86%E2%80%99v%C3%86%E2%80%99%C3%85%C2%A0%C3%86%E2%80%99P%C3%82&oq=%C3%86%E2%80%99A%C3%86%E2%80%99v%C3%86%E2%80%99%C3%85%C2%A0%C3%86%E2%80%99P%C3%82&gs_l=serp.3...3430.3876.0.4778.

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We're sorry. It looks like your topic was somehow overlooked. Due to the length of time we'll go ahead and close this topic now but if you still actually need help please send a private message to one of the Moderators and we'll assist you.

Thank you and sorry we missed your topic.

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