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Fake Malwarebytes MBAE Malware


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I sent this to the support email last week and was requested to post this here. Mainly wanted to let you know someone is signing malware in your name. Let me know if twitter is the faster route for next time.




Was investigating a macro embedded in Word doc, and during the investigation it dropped a file with MalwareBytes name on it.


Word Doc:





sample (signed Malwarebytes)





(5/56 when I first reported it)




Let me know if there is anything else I can provide. 

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Thank you...


From the Virus Total Report URL you provided, MBAM detects this as "Trojan.Inject".
It is an unsigned binary.  Using the Malwarebytes' name in the binary is notable but not too important.  The subject of the post "MalwareBytes MBAE Signed Malware" is misleading.  It is not a "signed malware".  To be considered a signed binary it would have to include a Publisher's Certificate.


In this case, certain binary fields; "LegalCopyright", "FileDescription", "CompanyName" and "ProductName" have English text that is using "Malwarebytes".  However that does not make it a "signed" binary. 
If it was truly a signed malware and the binary's Publisher's Certificate indicated "Malwarebytes" in some form or fashion then it would be a different case.

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  • Staff

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


I've edited the thread title to make it clearer that the malware is NOT digitally signed by Malwarebytes.


What you're seeing is very typical of malware. They use known big vendor brand names in the PE resource (FileDescription, CompanyName, etc.) to try to avoid certain heuristics. But as David well pointed out this is far from a "signature" which is typically a concept used for digital signatures.

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