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Website Exclusion doesn't seem to be working

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I have an ongoing issue where differnet torrent programs keep alarming on the IP with website protection. It says the process is qBitTorrent, but when I add that process to the exlusions, it doesn't matter. This makes me disable website protection entirely just to get rid of the spam. I'd rather enable it and just have that exluded properly though if possible.


I have an updated version of malware premium on Win 7 SP1.

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Unfortunately, because of the way torrents and other P2P programs work, IP blocks are fact of life.

They mean that MBAM is doing its job.

Why does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware block BitTorrent or other Peer-to-Peer Programs?


Also, in the current version of MBAM 2.0 Premium, there is no way to separately disable the IP block notifications (IOW, currently program notifications are "all or none").

Disabling the website protection module is NOT safe and is NOT recommended.


There will be more granular user control over notification in a future program version.

Until then, aside from adding the torrent process to the Web Exclusions, AFAIK there is no other workaround at this time.



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I admit I didn't go throught the links until just now, but I see I did follow the process correctly to exclude. Added qBitTorrent.exe to exclusions. I've also had this problem with utorrent.exe. It didn't seem to matter, I just kept getting pop ups. I thought they were just warning me, but were not impacting anything. Now that I read it's actually blocking traffic to those IPs...sadly that's more ammo for me to shut down web protection entirely until the exclusion works properly. It's possible the IP has malicious content hosted but if the content I'm getting isn't malicious..I don't care.

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