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[Introduction] Aura - Technical Support, Malware Removal (Trainee) and Computer Security


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Hey everyone :)


Just posting here to introduce myself since I just joined the forums today. My name is Aura (my online alias) and I'm a 20 years old guy living in Québec, Canada. I'm a last year IT student and I have a passion for malware removal, analysis (basic level) and computer protection and security in overall. I've been on a computer for as long as I can remember and my passion for it comes from there. I want to come an IT Security Expert and assist people around the world with my skills in order to making the Computing world a safer and better place. I'll spend my life fighting hackers, spreaders, exploiters, etc. and will assist anyone I can when they need my help.

I did a full year internship in a big company in Québec, as a tier 2 technical support and I'm also the main technical support member of a few online forums where I spend my evenings offering free technical support (post by post or remote). I used to do malware removal on these forums, but for now I can't (you'll see why below), but I still post in the threads giving advices, without assisting with the removal procedure.

I pretty know everything there is to know under Windows, despite the fact that I keep learning more about it everyday, and it never ceases to amaze me. I have multiple VMs I use daily for my tests, experiments and videos. I'm currently trying to create a Youtube channel where I'll post my videos about everything really that is Windows or Computing related.

For those who knows what I'm talking about, I'm an UpperClass Trainee at GU and I just love it :)

So I guess that's it for my introduction :) If you have any questions about me, it'll be my pleasure to answer them. I'm happy to join the forum and will start lurking around as soon as I can.

OH, and I'm also a long time Malwarebytes user, plus the fact that I spend my time assisting others in troubleshooting it so I know my way around it quite a bit. The software is great, but it can be a bit whimsical when it doesn't feel like working, haha !

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