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Kaspersky Recognizing MBAM Databases as Trojans

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Hi, Today I opened up MBAM for the first time in a while (bad, I know), and I updated the databases, I got a quick notification from my older version of Kaspersky recognizing the MBAM databases as Trojan viruses, I don't know if somehow my MBAM was infected, or if that's possible, and what I should do to fix this.

Keep in mind, my Kaspersky is a bit older, but I don't want that to be used as the only explanation for this problem.

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Welcome. :)
Unfortunately, if you are running an "older" (outdated?) version of Kaspersky, then it's possible or likely that it might indeed incorrectly detect MBAM databases or other files as "False Positives".
AFAIK There is no such detection of MBAM files with current versions of Kaspersky products -- at least there are no reports here or at KL forum.
Unfortunately, there's nothing that the Malwarebytes staff can do about that directly.
One would need to submit the information to the Kaspersky Lab folks for evaluation as "False Positives": https://my.kaspersky.com/
It's also possible that, running an outdated security product, you might be infected.

We don't work on malware diagnostics or removal in this particular area of the forum.
If you would like assistance with checking your system for malware, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
It explains the options for free, expert help >>AND<< the preliminary steps to expedite the process.
A malware analyst will guide you through the scanning and cleanup process. :)


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Thanks for replying :P


I ran a MBAM scan after kaspersky found so called "trojans" in the database updates, and It just found a few registry keys.

I don't think I'm infected, but It's possible.

I clicked one of the links on the forum topic you led me to, and It was unavailable, so I don't really know what to do now.

More help would be great.

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If both your MBAM and your Kaspersky programs and/or databases are outdated, then it's entirely possible that either or both programs may be detecting false positives.

It's also entirely possible that you have become infected because of the outdated security programs and databases.


We can't do anything about an "older" version of KIS/KAV/PURE falsely detecting MBAM files as malware -- that would need to be reported to Kaspersky support.


Alas, you are correct -- there is a broken link in one of the pinned topics at the top of this forum (I apologize, as I thought that it had already been fixed).


If you would like a free, expert, second opinion with help to scan and clean your computer, I suggest that you please do this:

1. Start here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers
2. It includes advice to go here: I'm infected - What do I do now?
3. And then a NEW topic (with the requested scan logs attached) needs to be created here: Malware Removal Help


Thanks for your patience,

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