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MBAM license info missing from registry

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I wanted to remove MBAM from my XP machine. Before doing so, I wanted to verify I had the proper key written down for when I want to re-install it. This machine has ver Pro. It originally had MBAM 1 so the key should be in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware as stated in the pined post at https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/146017-mbam-clean-removal-process-2x/.


The license info is not there. The only entries there are (Default) and ScanReboot. I’ve been able to pull licenses from other machines that were originally ver 1, and have been upgraded to ver 2. Somewhere along the line, the registry entries for my license info were deleted.


What’s going on here?

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The registry look-up only works IF MBAM PRO version 1.x was activated on this machine previously, AND if the OS has not been reinstalled.

So, if the entry is not there, then it's possible that both of those conditions are not met.
There are several other ways to try to locate the information:

  • The confirmation email sent from the e-commerce partner, cleverbridge, at the time of the original purchase. 
  • If you no longer have that email or a printed copy thereof, you can contact cleverbridge and they can look it up for you.  See here: How do I obtain my license key or confirmation email? and here
  •  Try running this tool and see if it can find your license key from your previous/current version of MBAM 1.x PRO.
    This tool will only work if you have or had version 1.x PRO installed on your computer - so this may give the same result as the manual look-up you already tried.
    It will save a text file copy of your license ID/key on your desktop (this is a program written by AdvancedSetup, our forum Admin). GetMalwarebytesRegistration
    It is a good idea to then copy this file with the license info from your desktop to a more appropriate location, such as your Documents folder.


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Thanks for the quick response.  This machine (which is the one I use everyday) did have MBAM version 1 previously installed. It was upgraded to ver 2 via the normal update process. The OS hasn't been reinstalled.


I do have the license written down and the identifier agrees with what pops up in the MBAM "My Account" window. So I'm fairly comfortable that I have the correct license info.


I've had to reinstall MBAM a number of times (on other computers) in the past few months for my customers when it was having problems updating. I like to export the registry key as both .reg and .txt files before doing a re-install. I consider this my safety net in case I mistake a 1 for an L or an 8 for a B, etc.


I don't run reg cleaners. The only reason I can think of for the registry info to be missing is that one of the MBAM updates wiped it out.


btw: the tool didn't find the license:


Malwarebytes Registration information not found
If you have purchased a license then it appears you have not activated it yet
Please copy and past the ID and Key from your email that included your registration information
into the Activate button of the Malwarebytes program.



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The only reason I can think of for the registry info to be missing is that one of the MBAM updates wiped it out.


I've not heard of anything like that, but I suppose it's possible.


I didn't think that lookup-tool would work, but it was worth a try.

(It's designed to do the same thing a manual look-up would do, for basic users uncomfortable with poking around in the registry.)


Since you mention your many "customers", it sounds as if you might be a computer tech or repair professional?

If so, your business license entitles you to free support from the Business Help Desk, if you ever need it.

For consumer license info, though, the best resource will be cleverbridge, as mentioned in my previous reply.



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