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Anyone using this tool and able to give feedback?

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The idea behind Techbench USB Tool seems very interesting but the price is very stiff.

Anyone using this gadget able to comment on its effectiveness?

I'd also like to know what sort of warranty is offered about the effectiveness of the product.

$500 would be a lot of money to have burned if it turns out that the product doesn't work a whole lot better - in terms of effectiveness and speed - than the tools I currently use.


All comments most welcome.


Thanks in anticipation.




Bob Crabtree

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I have been using this tool for a few months now. It is usually the last step in the malware removal procedures. I can personally say that it is very effective. We began using it at the end to see what went through the other scanners and the comparison is simply amazing. In a regular day I will find myself with a computer with at least 50 extra items other scanners could not find.


In addition, using it is a breeze. There are so many options, and you can make these silent. You can even have the tool install malware bytes for your customer if you desire to do so. It is fast, easy to use and simply effective. Malware Bytes delivered.


Perhaps the price tag is a little high, but willingness to pay for quality makes it worth the investment.



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I just asked for some product pricing, and now I see the cost here. For $500 I'll continue to use the free version and uninstall it after i'm done. The Marketing team really missed the mark here. They have the interest of the technicians all over the world and very few will fork over $500. BUT if they offered it for free and gave the user ID credit for the sale then I would be in... I would even go so far as $50 maybe but for free advertising from us I'm surely not paying them.  Yes, malwarebytes is known very well, but their real time protection is not something we sell. Where is the raw data? I won't sell a product on tribal war stories. 

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Not really sure, what the issue with the price is? How many hours do you need to spend to clean a single machine without it? When it does clean the machine properly and reliably, it´s worth the money as it does save a lot of time! If you are going to use it once only, then it is far too expensive, I agree, but usually, there is not just one infected machine around, they generally do come in numbers.

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