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Installed fine on Motorola M

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Thought I would post the things I had seen so far.


Phone is a Motorola M system version 182.46.15.xt907.Verizon.en.us

Android 4.4.2

I use the phone for business and most days I am on it all day. I have two headsets, because each of them only last about 4.5 hours on a charge. Most days my phone is plugged into my pc all day. My car has a nav mount and phone is almost always charged at the same time. The phone has been slowing down, and before the update to Android 4.4.2 at times it was unusable. However recently it has been acting like it had a bug or something so I researched for a solution. Phone would not respond for 10-200 seconds when you type in the unlock code or clicking on an app to start would not register that you clicked it. That is when I found out you had this for a phone. I have been a long time user of Malewarebytes Prem and have it on all my machines, so this is going on all my phones.



Install time was about 3 minutes. No Issues

First scan was a total of 11 minutes, plugged in during this. Scan found nothing bad.

Battery state seams to be the same, leaving it unplugged for day. Battery meter is not registering any use by malewarebytes, but it has not scanned while on batt.



First thoughts were huh, nothing there, but then looking through the app I noticed how many apps required start on boot. I had not seen this before, I guess I should not of blindly downloaded app's with out reading the ua. I removed all the app's that I did not want to start on  phone boot up. One app that really surprised me was Pandora, it was a memory hog!


A big Thank you for making it, I will be in line  to buy if you make a premium version!

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