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UI Changes for Malwarebytes 2.1

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I for one do not like the new UI, to me cleaner and simpler, is not words I really want to hear. Since it tend to make things look ugly, at least in my opinion. What bothers me the most is the Dashboard and Scan tab, I wish it was possible to combined those two tabs, since at the moment I don't see why they need to be separated. 


The other thing that really annoys me, is when it goes over from light gray to white, without a boarder. It actually hurts my eyes. The same can be said about the giant blue scan button, but isn't as bad since it's clearly another color from the gray it's on.

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I have to agree with Naminu, it's awful!


I've noticed many websites adopting the horrible Windows 8 Metro style recently and they all look bland, blocky, boring, oversized and WHITE! The same can now be said of Malwarebytes. Cleaner interface, eh? It looks like a child's computer game from the 90s; something fun for the under 5s to learn while they play. I remember having some stuff like that pre-installed on a Windows 95 box in 1996 and it looked similar.


In my opinion, they Web is being wrecked by site designers adopting this horrible style, which is actually a huge step backwards from Windows Vista and 7 Aero. I'm surprised that a company like Malwarebytes has jumped on the bandwagon and made sych a highly respected product look so childish. This is a 20 year step backwards for GUI design. Look at the way the American film industry has gone recently - mostly mindless films brimming with special effects for empty-headed, moronic teenagers. If Malwarebytes panders to the moronic masses who find a more technical style off-putting, then it's on the same road to asinine mediocrity.

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After my name was apparently deleted after the forum hack, I came back just to say that this is what 2.0 should have looked like to begin with. Not only that but this version fixed an annoying problem where Malwarebytes would hang for 5 seconds after I manually update and after a scan has finished. This newest version fixed all that so I am grateful this came out. Anybody complaining needs to appreciate everything Malwarebytes does.

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Anybody complaining needs to appreciate everything Malwarebytes does.
Such as making a respected security tool look like a game designed for small children, complete with smiley faces to keep them placated?! What a great way to stimulate intelligence and curiosity by dumbing down to the level of the lowest common denominator.
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Hello IvanIvanovich:


Not to the business version, but yes you could run MBAM

Your consumer's MBAM lifetime license is applicable with either MBAM, which upgrades it to MBAM Pro, or you may use your MBAM lifetime license with MBAM, making it MBAM Home Premium. However, your system's defensive capabilities are immensely reduced running MBAM - a product over two years old now.


HTH :)

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I would be as well, but I understand that what the power users want probably will not happen anymore. The money is made with the average user not with the users that know what is going on. Unfortunately for us, that means simple UI and controls and smiley faces.

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