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Hi again Marcin. Yes, there has been a slight improvement since dealing with TCP. I already had ccleaner so I ran it according to your instructions and then I defragmented. The last two times I defragmented it took approximately.... 12 hours! This time it took 4 hours. Would it help if I sent you the defragmentation report?

When opening Task Manager, without any activity on my pc, it often runs 100%. Items "system" and " CPF.EXE" range from 0 to 50% each and Explorer.exe 0- 20%. Before dealing with TCP, it was 100% all the time. Now there are short intervals of inactivity but then it goes again. Should there be this flactuation when nothing is actually happening? CPF is Comodo, isn't it? p.s.Chicago was an exceptional band! Just in case you are old enough to remember them. Terrific! Thanks again for taking all this time to help me. ^_^

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