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wheres my droid detected false


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Hi a12le14,


We've classified Where's My Droid in our 'Monitor' family because it has functionality to be used as spyware. The app can be installed and hidden with its monitoring functionality enabled, therefore spying on an unsuspecting victim.


You can add the app to MBAM Mobile's whitelist by selecting 'Add to Whitelist' option after a scan.





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This program has to be specifically downloaded for it to be on your phone. You have to pay for it and set up an account. You have to verify that the email on the account is the same as is linked to the phone. It has saved me from loosing my phone so many times when I have misplaced it. It offers the security of knowing you can locate, wipe, or lock out your phone if it is stolen. YES it needs to be invisible on the phone because some criminal will just UN-install it if they see it. Yes I can white list it, but having to do so every time there is an update with MBAM, or with Wheres My Droid is getting to be a pain. Why can this not be adjusted so that the white list remains in effect through updates? Technically every program should be classified as "Monitor" due to all of the permissions that are required for the data collection they rake in from our devices.

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I'm continuing to be tired of fighting this- every update, it resets and complains again. Every time, I tell it to ignore this always. Apparently, the definition of always is often a day or so. I'm at the point of abandoning malwarebytes endpoint protection simply because it's difficult to trust software that never does what it says. It's also different to believe software that keeps "Crying Wolf" while failing to give any information to justify why they are "Detecting" malware that I've already told them isn't malicious.

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