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[SOLVED] Conflict with HMP.Alert (was: IE11 app crashes caused by mbae.dll)


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Both HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert have been uninstalled.  I will allow for another couple days of typical usage of my computer to determine if the app crashes have ceased.


I was using HitmanPro.Alert because of its CryptoGuard.  MBAE has no means to detect Cryptolocker which is outside the scope of MBAE's design.  I have Avast but it, like other such security products, only alert on known variants, not on new ones, so it is already too late by the time the user gets alerted.  I was hoping HMP.Alert would provide the heuristics needed to detect the behavior of Cryptolocker and similar ransomware.  MBAE and anti-virus programs are not sufficient protection against ransomware.


If the IE11 app crashes cease after uninstalling both HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert then I will have to determine which is more important: protection against ransomware or protection against exploits.

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HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert were uninstalled.  A reboot was specified as required to complete the uninstallation, so I rebooted.  I also cleaned out a remnant data folder and some registry entries (which were innocuous).  Yet I just got another mbae.dll error that crashed IE11.


Before I was at imdb.pro looking at the bios of the actors involved in the Wreck-It Ralph animated movie.  I  would middle-click on an actor and read in a new tab their bio at IMDB and then look at their pics.  I'd close that tab to return to the movie cast list and click on another actor.  Eventually I'd get the popup saying IE11 crashed.  I'd look in Event Viewer at the details for the crash and mbae.dll was listed again.


While MBAE may be incompatible with HitmanPro.Alert, it cannot be incompatible when HMP.Alert is no longer present.  So MBAE is still causing app crashes in IE11.  I attached another .txt file but it looks very similar to the first post's attached .txt file.


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Uninstalled MBAE.  It did not report that a reboot was required.  Found the uninstall was incomplete.  Its Run registry key still existed (deleted it).  Still had a legacy service defined.  Rebooted Windows and the legacy service disappeared.


Then I reinstalled HitmanPro.Alert 2.  Went through the same series of link navigations at the IMDB web site trying to create an app crash in IE11.  Didn't happen. 


I'll be leaving MBAE uninstalled.  Nice idea but needs more work.

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I uninstalled HitmanPro.Alert (the last setup after uninstalling MBAE).  I did a bit of registry and file cleanup (nothing of note) and did the suggested reboot.  Afterward, I installed MBAE.  Now HMP.Alert was gone and only MBAE is installed (along with the other security software mentioned in the 1st post).


I went back to imdb.com and through the same navigations that I did before.  This time there were no IE11 app crashes.  So far, so good.  I'll return to this thread if the app crashes show up again but, for now, it looks like MBAE stepped back on whatever HMP.Alert stepped on for MBAE.

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