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MBAM Scans hang when scanning a particular program

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Hello Internet, my name is Midas (Obvious alias is obvious) and I have been cleaning up some old computers around the office for a few months now. Since the latest MBAM update, I've noticed that the program tends to hang on some computers, always in the same spot (i.e. on the same file), when running a scan. I am using an free  version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I update the program fully before starting the scans. This has occurred about 5 times between mid September to today.




More informatin: The program never stops responding, and I can even cancel a hanging scan. But I've let it sit for three hours, and it didn't budge an inch. 

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Hello and :welcome: :


As your post suggests that you are using MBAM in a business/work/corporate environment, your business license entitles you to free assistance from the Business team, either in the Business section of the forum >>here<<, or via email at the Business Help Desk >>here<<. :)

They will be able to help get MBAM properly up and running on your systems.


(Per the EULA, use of the Consumer version of MBAM is restricted only to home users on personal computers. Also, the most current version of the program for Business use is 1.75 -- version 2 for Business has not yet been released.)


Thanks very much,

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