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May I share a comment on a social platform that claims both MalwreBytes and Avast are infected when brand new? 8-)

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On The G+ platform I had asked mostly for information, not a fix, about an Avast pop-up that said if I let it disable certain apps and disable certain settings I would get a faster running PC.  It did not allow to see which exact apps and settings it was wanting to mess with.  I never do anything without having an idea of what is going on.


  There was some interesting back and forth as to what this meant and then there is this (names left out for legal reasons):


" if your (sic) are getting the pop up you are infected, end of story. that is called forceware and will never go away unless you listen to me. Sorry[name of computer service that responded]  you are out of your league here you know not ofwhat you speak. Both Malwarebytes, and Avhast (sic) have been compromised by my friends.[his friends - hackers? cute name for viruses?] If you use them you are vulnerable. Also setting your computer back to factory specs only pisses off the malware and then it will delete your files. I have seen it hundreds of times. 

If you do not do as I instruct you will forever have issues. 

Malware today as opposed to yesterday 1900s is designed to not slow down your computer so that you dont want to clean it out. There is a ton of it and forceware is one of them. This is forceware, ya didnt ask for it ya didnt want it but yet its there. I am the ONLY US Qualified tech that can eradicate it and show you how to keep it out forever. lets see someone else make that claim cause i hold the patent and ill show you for free just to screw over the computer company that screwed you by including malware on your system when you bought it."


 I responded that a search for Forceware only showed connections to NVIDIA and that it was weird that after 3 years and a swapped out internal HDD it should pop up now.  In earlier comments I had said I had no problems.


So, 100& bs, misguided mix of possibles, or, do we have but one perfect computer genius who can save us all from the factory built-in "forcewares"?  Thanks.   Should I have posted this in the fun and giggles forum?


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