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How to exclude Norton 360 from MWB

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I've read that if you run MWB and Norton 360 both in real time you should avoid collisions by excluding their key files from each other's real-time protection. Makes sense to me. I exclude mbam.exe, mbampt.exe, mbamscheduler.exe and mbamservice.exe from Norton's real-time scans (SONAR et al).


I've read that the entire Norton 360 directory should be set as excluded within MWB,


This strikes me as overkill. Not to sound too paranoid, but we are dealing with MALICIOUS software here and the Norton 360 directory is just like any directory: it could be accessed by malicious people who could plant a virus within the directory.


I have excluded the Norton Engine folder, which contains only the current engine. In fact, I have been debating just excluding the engine exe itself, rather than the whole folder.


Always remember:

"Just 'cuz you're paranoid doesn't they ain't out to get ya!"


What do your experts suggest?

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In most cases the exceptions are not needed, I myself add exceptions as a proactive approach only. I usually only add exceptions in the Antivirus program itself and have never added them in Malwarebytes program itself. I have installed 100's and have yet to see a conflict. Well I take that back, I had a conflict with Sophos Antivirus but that was resolved with exceptions.

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