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Scanning for 27 hours - should i stop it?

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Hi.  I decided to do a custom scan for my first time out to look at everything there.  I have 4 hard drives installed making up roughly 7 TB.  THe scan has now been going on for about 27 hours at this point (looped around from 24 and went back to 3 hours on the counter by the looks of it).  It's in the Filesystem objects now and that is where it has been for some time.  I'm not seeing any progress being made in terms of objects scanned and no file names are listed, but the timer is still counting down every second, so it's not crashed in any way.  Does this sound reasonable?  It's my first time using the program, so I don't know if it doesn't report much at this stage.  It scanned nearly 1.7 million files according to the numbers.




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Hello and :welcome: :
If you are scanning such a vast quantity of data files (including archived files) on multiple drives, it can take a very long time.
Such a full system scan of all drives is neither routinely needed nor recommended.
It is a task better suited to your anti-virus (AV).
Under normal circumstances, a Threat scan is all that is needed or recommended.
Moreover, there are many other variables and factors that determine scan times (hardware, software, malware, etc).
So, if it's still scanning and you wish to complete the full scan, then you may wish to be very patient and allow it to run to completion.
Otherwise, yes, it is OK to abort the scan (this, too, may take a while).
If you are still having problems after that, then please read the following and post back attached to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)



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