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Browser hijacking? Or something else?

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There are far too many sites which fight to keep you from leaving. Typically, they block you with a new screen or pop-up which asks if you really, truly, honest-to-Murgatroyd want to leave. And they offer several options, each of which seems to want more information from you or your hard drive. 


Perfect-vision.com is one of those sites, and I currently just go to Task Manager and kill the entire browser, since PV won't let me go without arguments. 


Is this malware or just an irritant? And is there any method to make it go away and never come back? Not just for this site, but for all such nasty sites which use this method of abusing our time and patience.

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Maybe, Maybe not.


Depends.  If you use Firefox there may be an add-on that can block that kind of coding.


Personally, my advice is to just deal with it.  As long as you can get out, even if they ask for confirmation, then it really isn't a problem.  It only becomes a problem if they code it such you can not leave the site and you have kill the Browser process.

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Using Firefox with both NoScript and AdBlock Plus will stop and prevent this behavior. 


Many users find it difficult to understand and use the tool but if you take the time to learn and train NoScript I find it to probably be one of the best plugin tools provided in the past 5 years.

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That's exactly where I am, David. Chrome is unable to get out of it, and I have to Task Manager my way out of Chrome - Perfect-vision.com won't even let Chrome be closed through its normal Exit feature.


I hesitate to use Firefox again, because it slows down (WAY too much!) my wimpy little Asus X551MA laptop. But if that's the only way to stop this nonsense....

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"I hesitate to use Firefox again, because it slows down (WAY too much!) my wimpy little Asus X551MA laptop."

this , in and of itself , bears further investigation .

while the machine is not hotter than the soil *somewhere* around hanford wasington ... it is respectable : 4 gigs /  2.17GHz cpu .

does your machine have W7 or W8.1 for the OS ?


personally speaking , i hesitate to run an browser other than FF .

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yes , very doubtful ...

i have installed/ran/used W8.1 for myself and for others , with the same holding true for FF installed on those machines .

what you are observing is not the norm for these cases .

while there are several factors that will influence the "speed" of a browser there are two items on the top of my list :

a lot of extensions , tool bars and their ilk running in the browser

the machine/browser could be infected


i suggest that you head over to the malware removal section and start a topic there .

once the machine is given a clean bill of health you can read/perform some things that will be suggested .

or , you can head back over here .

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