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Hi folks.  I'm really stuck here, and not clear where I should even be posting my question.  Laptop won't boot, and I don't seem to have the options listed on any of the forums I have been able to find.  Can't get into Safe Mode (at least am not able to find a way), but CAN get into BIOS setup.  Don't have CD drive on the laptop.  Suggestions? Directions? Advice?  I won't bore you with all the drama, but it's pretty critical that I get this laptop up & running again.  Thanks for taking pity on a newbie.

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Sorry...should have mentioned that.  It's an HP Elitebook Folio 9470m.  Almost exactly 1 year old.  No obvious symptoms of a virus or malware prior to "the event", other than for 3-4 days there was a minor slow-down in overall performance (time to boot up....time for pages to load...etc).  This was so minor, I was not even sure it was happening...thought it might have been my imagination.  Still not 100% sure, but in hindsight thinking it was happening for real.  Anyway, I was working on an Excel page (that I had created from scratch, so it was not a download from anywhere) and the laptop spontaneously started to shut itself down.  On screen it appeared exactly the same as if I had gone to START-->SHUT DOWN.   When I try to power it up now, it does not even get to the Windows logo.  I briefly get the HP logo, with "press ESC key for Startup menu" in the lower left corner  (roughly 3-4 seconds) and then I get a series of small white dots rolling across the screen from upper left to lower right.  It WILL allow me to use that ESC key to get into a startup menu, but tentative exploration once in there does not show me anything that would appear to help.  F1 System Info; F2 System Diagnosics [which I have run and all come back showing no problems]; F7 HP Spare Key [tells me there are no users that have a spare key]; F9 Boot Device Options [seemed like where I might find something, but this laptop doesn't have a CD drive so I am not really sure what else to look for or do]; F10 BIOS Setup; F12 Network Boot

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