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Malwarebytes Techbench Suggestions

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I did a search and didn't find a section on suggestions for the TechBench Tool, so I thought I would add one and add my suggestion.


I can vouch that the tool works well, no questions about it.  I think what would be nice is a different look, like the desktop version and probably the biggest one of my suggestions would be to add two buttons on the scanning screen.  One for Select All and De-Select All.  I had a user today with 799 items.  Now I hope I didn't miss something on the page to select all and just didn't see it.  Some correct me if I'm wrong, but it took forever to select each one of them one by one.  It looks odd not having that option, so I hope I'm wrong.  I think for the price of these, that it could still work the same, but also look nice.  Just my thoughts.

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