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Q re policy on 3 three machines 1 single license MBAM Pro

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I am a computer support person.  I recommended MBAM realtime (Pro) to a client, and she wants it for her (single, only) Win7 machine.  I'll be doing her installation, and if she has trouble, I will be contacting Malwarebytes on her behalf.  I'm running MBAM Pro Trial version.  Should I buy the license for my two Windows machines (Win7 and XP Pro) and use the "third machine" for my client's machine?  Is this considered legitimate?  Are there guidelines about the relationship between the three covered machines?

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Which computer would the lifetime license be for?  My client's?  Would I be able to contact Malwarebytes on her behalf?  Can I make the purchase and install it on her machine?  If she doesn't like it, can she transfer (give or sell) the license to someone else?  (She currently has an AVG subscription, which used to be good software for XP, but she doesn't like it anymore for Win7...)

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You can buy the license for her and give it to her as a gift.

The one computer license should be for her, unless you want to buy some for yourself.

The license is good for 1PC only and you can transfer it to another computer, not another person.

You are welcome to contact Malwarebytes on her behalf if you are the one that fixes her computer.

Staff will correct me if I am wrong...

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