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Malwarebytes compatibility with other and installation process

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First post, so please bear with me if I'm in the wrong area.  This one is trying to put all of the questions I have in one place:


First:  I have 2 computers, both 64 bit machines, one running MS 7 SP1 and one running latest MS 8.1.  Both have Malwarebytes Premium loaded and running.  The MS 7 SP1 machine has Norton Internet Security.  The Win 8.1 Machine has trial version of McAffee running.  So far, both machines are playing well with no exclusions used.  Unfortunately, I'm getting ready to "change" (due to several reasons, none applicable to Malwarebytes).  In getting ready for this, I'm trying to make sure I have the "sequence" understood.  My browser is Google Chrome.  I have set 2 limits (must use malwarebytes and must use Chrome).


Second:  I understand from reading several forums that Malwarebytes must be uninstalled prior to loading anti-virus software.  I presume this means uninstall, re-install and re-activate with key?  Just want to verify this is true before I waste a bunch of time.  Can Malwarebytes simply be disabled during the AV install?


Third:  On the Win 7 machine, I'm going with the free version of Bitdefender.   I can't get a straight answer out of their support team, so I'll use the free version.  I presume that I would uninstall (turn off) Malwarebytes and uninstall Norton.  Install Bitdefender and then re-install malwarebytes.  I found the exception list and understand that part.


Fourth:  On the Win 8.1 machine, I'm going with Windows Defender.  As defender is already installed (I think), I presume just a removal of the McAffee trail and defender activation.  Malwarebytes would have to be "turned off"?  Is there an exception list for Defender and Malwarebytes?


As I said at the start, I apologize if this is in the wrong place; however, getting information in one location is a challenge. This is not a judgement on the effectiveness of the AV programs selected, this just seems the best solution for me.  I would appreciate any input (or direction) to make this as painless as possible.  Many thanks.

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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes


First: I really did not see a question there….


Second: I for one have never removed Malwarebytes just to install my antivirus program, and I have done this many times.  If you encounter issues just let us know and we can help you with them.


Third: I really don’t know why your changing antivirus programs, but that’s up to you really, Bitdefender should work fine.  See this topic of recommended ones to use... List of well known antivirus products You should not have to turn off Malwarebytes to uninstall your antivirus program, nor to install it as mentioned in my second answer above.


Forth: I would not go with only Windows Defender as my only antivirus on your Windows 8 computer. Why not go with the same one you are using for the Windows 7 computer, Bitdefender.  Windows Defender is not going to be as good as Bitdefender would be.  See my link of recommend antivirus programs in my third reply.


No need to apologize, we can guide you as you go along. Remember having to choose an antivirus program is like choosing a car, everyone likes something different.  Pick what works for you, I only gave you a link to the ones we recommend.


Hope this helps…

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Many thanks for the input.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Based on your comment, I may re-think the windows defender thing.  I totally agree that two different AV's are a pain to manage.  Reasons for choices are best left unsaid in public.  Again, many thanks and I'll continue with your product.

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