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MBAM and PeerBlock

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So I noticed in the past that while downloading torrents (not illegal or copyrighted torrents but legit stuff), MBAM usually blocks a lot of connections which is good I suppose?


Anyway, I stopped using MBAM Pro about 6 months ago and now I wanna use it again but recently I have discovered a program called PeerBlock which blocks research companies and such from connecting to you and finding what you're doing.


So my question is, do I need PeerBlock if I am using MBAM Pro? or do they find different things? Any conflicts you would think from them both running together? I just formatted and didn't install both of em yet so I am a bit cautious as I don't want to mess a clean system.

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Nobody heard of it. MB and Spywareblaster do the same thing. It's called "six of one half of a dozen of another"

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Hello MaXimus666,


Although I do not use torrent sites I do use PeerBlock and it works well with MBAM and MBAE.  PeerBlock uses block lists, only select the lists you need for your setup.


PeerBlock will block IP addresses that MBAM will not, that is because most of the block list are not for malicious sites but for specific purposes, ie "blocking advertisers" or "blocking P2P"  etc. There are several different types of block list used for specific purposes, so choose carefully.


I hope this helps.

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