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windows7 has recovered from unexpected shut down


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7 months.


A neutrino passed through the CPU and changed a 1 to a 0.


We only worry about those issues that happen repeatedly.  I would not worry about this issue.  For all we know it was based upon a bug that was subsequently fixed in one of the many Windows Updates issued since.

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yep ... i write my dates military (ie : 20OCT14) and US version (october 20th 2014...

it gets plumb confusing to some folks .


i am inclined to go with the neutrino theory ... and that would be quite a long-shot .

(something about being able to pass through many light years thickness of Pb and not interact with any particle or molecule of Pb) .

cosmic rays have been attributed to data changes .

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But there is something to state about the Neutrino changing the state of valence electrons and thus causing a flip from a 1 to a 0.

{ Yeah I know but it SOUNDS good anywa:P  }



I would not worry about it unless it occurs again.  At this time just noting the event is enough if the PC is operating properly NOW.

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