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v2.0.3 appears to freeze/hang/slow chrome and windows

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Hi, charlestek.


Welcome back.

Let's get a bit of basic system info, in order to have a better idea what might be going on.

Please read the following and post back attached to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)


EDIT: Of course, to trouble-shoot version, you'll need to reinstall that version, at least temporarily, BEFORE generating the diagnostic logs. ;)

If you do, you may wish to CLEANLY upgrade to

The instructions are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x



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Thanks for the logs.


Alas, we can't work with encrypted/password protected files here in the forum.

The logs needs to be posted as native txt files for the staff and experts to review.


If you are concerned about posting the logs in the forum, then the best bet might be for you to open a ticket at the Consumer Help Desk.

The support team will assist you with your issue, one-on-one, via email.

To open a ticket, please complete the form here: Contact Consumer Support

When you do, it will expedite the process a bit if you can include a link back to this forum thread:


Thanks for your patience and understanding,

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I'm only sending the logs because it is standard protocol.   It appears to me that clearly the latest mbam causes issues and the last version did not.   The logs are only for someone thinking there is something wrong with my computer, what appears to me is wrong is something in the latest version.


The logs do show personal information on the computer that could be used nefariously if wanted.    I belong to a security forum, and they wouldn't blink an eye about encrypting such logs.

Malwarebytes whose sole purpose is to defeat malware should of all people be sensitive to public logs of computer information.

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Hi, again:


Alas, we can't troubleshoot version 2.0.3 if you're running 2.0.2. :(


So, if you would like help with 2.0.3, we would need you to do the following, please:

  1. Cleanly reinstall, as explained here -- that may resolve the issue. :)
  2. If you still experience issues after upgrading cleanly to 2.0.3, then we would need to see a fresh set of diagnostic logs.  As you have already run FRST on the system, please be sure to place a check-mark in the option for "Addition.txt" before running it again.
  3. Post the 3 logs, EITHER as attachments (.txt files) without zipping or encrypting or password-protection to your next reply in this thread, OR with your help desk ticket for assistance via email.

Thanks again,


P.S. As for the encrypted log files, sorry, that's not my call. I am only a home user and forum volunteer. Such logs are posted 100s (1000s?) of times a day here and at other computer security forums. If that's not comfortable for you, then the best bet might be to open the help desk ticket for one-on-one email assistance. Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks.  I understand you are only operating under the politics of your system.   And usually this forum addresses people with bad malware infections.   With a bad infection, most would be glad to post logs to get help to remove malware asap, but in any case I stand by my opinion of not publically posting logs with lists of all the installed apps on my machine.  I really don't have time to act as a testing guinea pig, I'll probably have to wait till the next stable release which hopefully fixes stuff.  If and when I have spare time to uninstall, install, generate logs and converse back and forth,  I might post to the helpdesk.

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  • Root Admin

I'm sorry but if you do not wish to post open logs in public then your only other option is to contact the help desk.

As such I'll go ahead then and close your topic here. Please do create a ticket with the Help Desk and they can assist you.


Thank you

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