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Cannot remove Virus.Sality \Windows\system32\drivers\mqppm.sys

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Malware byes Premimum with database v2014.10.17.09 says it has removed Virus.Sality but after reboot and rescan it finds it again.


I get a file in C:\ pjmfy.exe 101KB  If I delete it it shows up again within 1 minute.


I have also run mbar-  It also deletes the virus but upon reboot if finds it again. 


FYI The system will NOT start in safe mode, when attempting safe mode (any safe mode, networking, command prompt) the system display the drives loaded and then reboots.


Also the setting "show hidden files" keeps getting reset.


I also rad FRST.exe Log files are attachedFRST.txtAddition.txt


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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is not an anti virus application.  Sality is a "true" virus.  Not what everybody "thinks" is a virus but a file infecting virus tat injects code into legitimate files.


There is no easy answer.  Not only must you clean the PC b ut every disk that is read/write must be scanned and cleaned.  Any CD/DVD disks created while infected must be scanned and if Sality is detected, the discs destroyed.


Discussion of malware removal is not the domain of this sub-forum based upon forum policy.  Malware removal assistance is only provided in the following sub-forum; Malware Removal Help


Again - There is no easy answer to a file infecting virus such as Sality.

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