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Can,t install new version

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Presently on version 2.02.1012.Pro....Just got my notice that a new program version is available through GUI....Tried to install and got so far as attached .jpg...

Followed instruction to disable self-protection under Advanced setting,exited, and re-booted....same message---

Also running MBAE....stopped it from running as well...still wouldn,t install....

DL,d new version from MWAM website,to see if that would make a difference...wouldn,t install....


Running OS XPsp3 Home...


Need some assistance!!

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Looks like I cant make an attachment....basically what it says when I get so far in the install process is the wording..."Self Protection must be disabled under Advanced settings before proceeding with the installation----Setup cannot continue, please click cancel to exit....


Also I just noticed under my event viewer I have the following Error message------The ScRegSetValueExW call failed for Start with the following error.....Access is denied


Have no idea what this is!!

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  • Root Admin

Hello and :welcome:

Please restart the computer. Then run the MBAM CLEAN process below 2 times. Then reinstall and as below says if the issue remains then run the other scans and post back those requested logs as well.

Thank You
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