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Font Display in Program

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Since updating the program, the dialog box and writing is in an unreadable font - 1920.  I tried deleting 1920 from my computer, but then when I opened Malwarebytes, there was no writing.  I read previous posts to do a FontCheck.bat.  Which I did and you can see results below:  I've also attached a screen shot.



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes
    Arabic Transparent    REG_SZ    Arial
    Arabic Transparent Bold    REG_SZ    Arial Bold
    Arabic Transparent,0    REG_SZ    Arial,178
    Arabic Transparent Bold,0    REG_SZ    Arial Bold,178
    Helvetica    REG_SZ    Arial
    Arial Baltic,186    REG_SZ    Arial,186
    Arial CE,238    REG_SZ    Arial,238
    Arial CYR,204    REG_SZ    Arial,204
    Arial Greek,161    REG_SZ    Arial,161
    Arial TUR,162    REG_SZ    Arial,162
    Courier New Baltic,186    REG_SZ    Courier New,186
    Courier New CE,238    REG_SZ    Courier New,238
    Courier New CYR,204    REG_SZ    Courier New,204
    Courier New Greek,161    REG_SZ    Courier New,161
    Courier New TUR,162    REG_SZ    Courier New,162
    Times    REG_SZ    Times New Roman
    Times New Roman Baltic,186    REG_SZ    Times New Roman,186
    Times New Roman CE,238    REG_SZ    Times New Roman,238
    Times New Roman CYR,204    REG_SZ    Times New Roman,204
    Times New Roman Greek,161    REG_SZ    Times New Roman,161
    Times New Roman TUR,162    REG_SZ    Times New Roman,162
    MS Shell Dlg 2    REG_SZ    Tahoma
    Tahoma Armenian    REG_SZ    Tahoma
    Helv    REG_SZ    MS Sans Serif
    Tms Rmn    REG_SZ    MS Serif
    David Transparent    REG_SZ    David
    Miriam Transparent    REG_SZ    Miriam
    Fixed Miriam Transparent    REG_SZ    Miriam Fixed
    Rod Transparent    REG_SZ    Rod
    FangSong_GB2312    REG_SZ    FangSong
    KaiTi_GB2312    REG_SZ    KaiTi
    MS Shell Dlg    REG_SZ    Microsoft Sans Serif
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts
    Courier New Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    courbi.ttf
    Gulim & GulimChe & Dotum & DotumChe (TrueType)    REG_SZ    gulim.ttc
    Lucida Console (TrueType)    REG_SZ    lucon.TTF
    Malgun Gothic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    malgun.ttf
    Malgun Gothic Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    malgunbd.ttf
    MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    msgothic.ttc
    MS Mincho & MS PMincho (TrueType)    REG_SZ    msmincho.ttc
    Nyala (TrueType)    REG_SZ    nyala.TTF
    Segoe UI (TrueType)    REG_SZ    segoeui.ttf
    Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    segoeuib.ttf
    Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    segoeuii.ttf
    Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    segoeuiz.ttf
    Segoe UI Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    segoeuil.ttf
    SimSun & NSimSun (TrueType)    REG_SZ    simsun.ttc
    Modern (All res)    REG_SZ    modern.fon
    Roman (All res)    REG_SZ    roman.fon
    Script (All res)    REG_SZ    script.fon
    SimHei (TrueType)    REG_SZ    simhei.ttf
    Gabriola (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gabriola.ttf
    Courier 10,12,15    REG_SZ    COURE.FON
    MS Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24    REG_SZ    SERIFE.FON
    MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24    REG_SZ    SSERIFE.FON
    Small Fonts    REG_SZ    SMALLE.FON
    Small Fonts (120)    REG_SZ    SMALLF.FON
    Lucida Sans Demibold Oblique (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\Corel DVD MovieFactory Lenovo Edition\DVD MovieFactory\bdj\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaSansDemiOblique.ttf
    Lucida Sans Oblique (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\Corel DVD MovieFactory Lenovo Edition\DVD MovieFactory\bdj\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaSansOblique.ttf
    LinotypeZapfino Two (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LinotypeZapfino Two.ttf
    Love Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Love Light.ttf
    Machia (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Machia.ttf
    Markiz de Sad script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Markiz de Sad script.ttf
    Ministry Script Swash HFF (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ministry Script Swash HFF.ttf
    monogram kk (TrueType)    REG_SZ    monogram kk.ttf
    MousseScript-Alternate (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MousseScript-Alternate.otf
    MrsEavesRoman (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MrsEavesRoman.ttf
    Mutlu  Ornamental (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Mutlu  Ornamental.ttf
    New Yorker (TrueType)    REG_SZ    New Yorker.ttf
    Old Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Old Script.ttf
    P22 Corinthia (TrueType)    REG_SZ    P22 Corinthia.ttf
    P22 Kilkenny Swash (TrueType)    REG_SZ    P22 Kilkenny Swash.ttf
    P22 Ruthie (TrueType)    REG_SZ    P22 Ruthie.ttf
    PantagraphScript-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    pantagraphscript-regular.ttf
    Park Avenue (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Park Avenue.ttf
    PassionsConflictROB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    PassionsConflictROB.ttf
    Penshurst (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Penshurst.ttf
    PrimroseJF (TrueType)    REG_SZ    PrimroseJF.ttf
    Prints Charming (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Prints Charming.ttf
    SaffronToo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SaffronToo.ttf
    BallantinesSerial-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BallantinesSerial-Regular.ttf
    Shalimar Swash ROB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Shalimar Swash ROB.ttf
    Shardee (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Shardee.ttf
    Silk Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Silk Script.ttf
    Sloop ScriptThree (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sloop ScriptThree.ttf
    Sloop-ScriptTwo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sloop-ScriptTwo.ttf
    Splendid ES (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Splendid ES.ttf
    Sterling Script Swash Alts (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sterling Script Swash Alts.ttf
    Sterling Script Swashes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sterling Script Swashes.ttf
    Sterling Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sterling Script.ttf
    SurreyScript (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SurreyScript.ttf
    SweetheartScript-limited (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SweetheartScript-limited.ttf
    Theodoric (TrueType)    REG_SZ    theodoric.ttf
    Venski Sad Two Medium (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Venski Sad Two Medium.ttf
    ViceroyJF (TrueType)    REG_SZ    viceroyjf.ttf
    Voluta Script Swash (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Voluta Script Swash.ttf
    Wedding Bliss ES (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Wedding Bliss ES.ttf
    Zanerian Two (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zanerian Two.ttf
    Adorable (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Adorable.ttf
    Albemarle End Swash (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Albemarle End Swash.ttf
    Albemarle Swash (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Albemarle Swash.ttf
    Ambiance BT Swash (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambiance BT Swash.ttf
    Annabelle (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Annabelle.ttf
    AtraxDReg (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AtraxDReg.ttf
    BeauRivageTwo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BeauRivageTwo.ttf
    Bernhard Tango Swash Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bernhard Tango Swash Regular.ttf
    Bickham Script Three (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bickham Script Three.ttf
    Bickham Script Two (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bickham Script Two.ttf
    Black Rose (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Black Rose.ttf
    Brock Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brock Script.ttf
    Century Htld ITC TT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Htld ITC TT.ttf
    Champignon (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Champignon.ttf
    Champignon Alt Swash (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Champignon Alt Swash.ttf
    ChopinScript (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ChopinScript.ttf
    CiviliteTails (TrueType)    REG_SZ    CiviliteTails.ttf
    Dalliance Flourishes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Dalliance Flourishes.ttf
    Duet Flourishes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Duet Flourishes.ttf
    Duet (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Duet.ttf
    DuetII Flourishes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    DuetII Flourishes.ttf
    Dyer (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Dyer.TTF
    Esenin script One (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Esenin script One.ttf
    Fleur De Wee (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Fleur De Wee.ttf
    FontleroyBrown (TrueType)    REG_SZ    FontleroyBrown.ttf
    Freebooter Script - Alts (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Freebooter Script - Alts.ttf
    Freebooter Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Freebooter Script.ttf
    Freehand591 Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Freehand591 Bold.ttf
    Gessele Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gessele Regular.ttf
    GoodVibrationsROB Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    GoodVibrationsROB Script.ttf
    La Portenia de la Boca (TrueType)    REG_SZ    La Portenia de la Boca.ttf
    La Portenia de la Recoleta (TrueType)    REG_SZ    La Portenia de la Recoleta.ttf
    LavishlyYoursROB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LavishlyYoursROB.ttf
    LinotypeZapfino Four (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LinotypeZapfino Four.ttf
    LinotypeZapfino Ligature (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LinotypeZapfino Ligature.ttf
    LinotypeZapfino One (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LinotypeZapfino One.ttf
    LinotypeZapfino Ornaments (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LinotypeZapfino Ornaments.ttf
    LinotypeZapfino Three (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LinotypeZapfino Three.ttf
    Zurich Extended BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zurich Extended BT.TTF
    38 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    38.ttf
    52 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    52.ttf
    60s Chic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    60s Chic.TTF
    1920 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    1920.TTF
    A Yummy Apology (TrueType)    REG_SZ    A Yummy Apology.ttf
    ABIGAIL Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ABIGAIL Regular.TTF
    Absinth Flourishes II (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Absinth Flourishes II.ttf
    Adams Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Adams Normal.TTF
    AdineKirnberg Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AdineKirnberg Regular.ttf
    Adobe Garamond Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Adobe Garamond Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures.ttf
    AdriaDB Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AdriaDB Normal.ttf
    Advantage Book Oblique (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Advantage Book Oblique.TTF
    Advantage Book (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Advantage Book.TTF
    Advantage Demi (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Advantage Demi.TTF
    Aharony Quantum (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Aharony Quantum.TTF
    Aidan Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Aidan Regular.TTF
    AL Afternoon Delight (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AL Afternoon Delight.ttf
    AL Heavenly (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AL Heavenly.ttf
    Alefbet (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Alefbet.ttf
    AlexBrush (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AlexBrush.ttf
    Aloe Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Aloe Normal.TTF
    Alps Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Alps Bold.TTF
    Altitude-Regular DB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Altitude-Regular DB.ttf
    Amaze Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Amaze Bold.TTF
    Amaze Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Amaze Normal.TTF
    Ambassador Script Alt Caps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Alt Caps.ttf
    Ambassador Script Alts (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Alts.ttf
    Ambassador Script Begs I (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Begs I.ttf
    Ambassador Script Begs II (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Begs II.ttf
    Ambassador Script Ends II (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Ends II.ttf
    Ambassador Script Ends III (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Ends III.ttf
    Ambassador Script Ends IV (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Ends IV.ttf
    Ambassador Script Flourishes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Flourishes.ttf
    Ambassador Script Swashes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script Swashes.ttf
    Ambassador Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ambassador Script.ttf
    Ameretto Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Bold.TTF
    Ameretto Condensed Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Condensed Normal.TTF
    Ameretto Extended Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Extended Bold.TTF
    Ameretto Extended Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Extended Normal.TTF
    Ameretto Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Italic.TTF
    Ameretto Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Normal.TTF
    Ameretto Thin Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Thin Normal.TTF
    Ameretto Wide Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Wide Bold.TTF
    Ameretto Wide Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ameretto Wide Normal.TTF
    Amery Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Amery Bold.TTF
    Amery Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Amery Italic.TTF
    Amery Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Amery Normal.TTF
    AndantinoJF (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AndantinoJF.ttf
    Angelica (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Angelica.ttf
    Anglia Script Concise (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Anglia Script Concise.ttf
    Annual Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Annual Bold.TTF
    Annual Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Annual Normal.TTF
    Annual Wide Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Annual Wide Bold.TTF
    Annual Wide Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Annual Wide Normal.TTF
    Antigoni (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Antigoni.TTF
    Antique (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Antique.TTF
    Architect Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Architect Bold Italic.TTF
    Architect Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Architect Bold.TTF
    Architect Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Architect Italic.TTF
    Architect (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Architect.TTF
    Arial Black Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Black Italic.TTF
    Ariston (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ariston.ttf
    Array Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Array Bold.TTF
    Array BoldItalic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Array BoldItalic.TTF
    Array Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Array Italic.TTF
    Array Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Array Normal.TTF
    ArTarumianHeghnar (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ArTarumianHeghnar.ttf
    Artisan (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Artisan.TTF
    ATCitadelScript (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ATCitadelScript.ttf
    Atilla Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Atilla Normal.TTF
    AucoinExtBol (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AucoinExtBol.ttf
    AucoinLight (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AucoinLight.ttf
    Avalanche Script TT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Avalanche Script TT.ttf
    Avant Garde Book BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Avant Garde Book BT.TTF
    Avant Garde Book Oblique BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Avant Garde Book Oblique BT.TTF
    Bank Gothic Medium BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bank Gothic Medium BT.ttf
    Basic Regular ttnorm (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Basic Regular ttnorm.ttf
    BD Merced (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BD Merced.ttf
    Beachman Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Beachman Script.ttf
    BeauRivageOne  (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BeauRivageOne .ttf
    Beautiful ES (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Beautiful ES.ttf
    Becker-Medium (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Becker-Medium.TTF
    Benguiat Bold BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Benguiat Bold BT.TTF
    Bernhard Modern Bold BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bernhard Modern Bold BT.TTF
    Bernhard Modern Bold Italic BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bernhard Modern Bold Italic BT.TTF
    BickhamScriptMM SwCaps_600_wt (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bickham Script MM Swash Capitals_600 wt.ttf
    BickhamScriptFancy2 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BickhamScriptFancy2.ttf
    Bix Antique Script Hmk (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bix Antique Script Hmk.ttf
    BlackChancery (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BlackChancery.TTF
    BlackJackRegular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BlackJackRegular.TTF
    Blew Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Blew Bold.TTF
    Blew Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Blew Normal.TTF
    Bliss Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bliss Bold Italic.TTF
    Bliss Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bliss Bold.TTF
    Bliss Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bliss Italic.TTF
    Bliss Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bliss Normal.TTF
    Bobo Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bobo Normal.TTF
    Bosnia Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bosnia Normal.TTF
    Bow Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bow Bold.TTF
    Bow Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bow Normal.TTF
    Braggadocio (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Braggadocio.ttf
    Brando Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brando Bold.TTF
    Brando Engraved Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brando Engraved Bold.TTF
    Brando Engraved Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brando Engraved Normal.TTF
    Brando Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brando Normal.TTF
    Brisk Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brisk Bold.TTF
    Brisk Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brisk Normal.TTF
    Broadcast Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Broadcast Normal.TTF
    Burlesque (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Burlesque.TTF
    Busso Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Busso Bold.TTF
    Busso Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Busso Normal.TTF
    Butterflies (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Butterflies.ttf
    Cable Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Cable Normal.TTF
    CAC Champagne (TrueType)    REG_SZ    CAC Champagne.TTF
    CAC Lasko Condensed (TrueType)    REG_SZ    CAC Lasko Condensed.ttf
    Cane Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Cane Normal.TTF
    Carla Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Carla Bold Italic.TTF
    Carla Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Carla Bold.TTF
    Carla Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Carla Italic.TTF
    Carla Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Carla Normal.TTF
    Carleton (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Carleton.TTF
    Carolingia (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Carolingia.ttf
    Celebrity (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Celebrity.TTF
    Charlesworth Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Charlesworth Bold.TTF
    ChocolateBox (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ChocolateBox.ttf
    Coltaine No 1 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Coltaine No 1.ttf
    CommonBullets (TrueType)    REG_SZ    CommonBullets.TTF
    Copper Alt Caps Expert (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Copper Alt Caps Expert.ttf
    Copper AltCaps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Copper AltCaps.ttf
    Copperplate Gothic Bold BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Copperplate Gothic Bold BT.TTF
    Coriannis Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Coriannis Regular.ttf
    Cotillion Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Cotillion Regular.ttf
    Crayonnette (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Crayonnette.ttf
    Crescent (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Crescent.TTF
    crowns and coronets (TrueType)    REG_SZ    crowns and coronets.ttf
    Dauphin (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Dauphin.TTF
    Diana (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Diana.ttf
    Diplomat-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Diplomat-Regular.ttf
    Duchess (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Duchess.ttf
    Easy Street Alt EPS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Easy Street Alt EPS.ttf
    Easy Street EPS Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Easy Street EPS Bold.ttf
    Easy Street EPS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Easy Street EPS.ttf
    EcuyerDAX (TrueType)    REG_SZ    EcuyerDAX.TTF
    EDiT Invitation 3 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    EDiT Invitation 3.ttf
    Elegance (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Elegance.TTF
    Ellida (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ellida.ttf
    England Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    England Normal.TTF
    English 111 Vivace BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    English 111 Vivace BT.ttf
    Engravers MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Engravers MT Bold.TTF
    EngraversGothic BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    EngraversGothic BT.ttf
    EngrossingScript-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    EngrossingScript-Regular.ttf
    Eye glass Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Eye glass Bold.TTF
    Eye glass Condensed Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Eye glass Condensed Normal.TTF
    Eye glass Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Eye glass Normal.TTF
    Eye glass Thin Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Eye glass Thin Normal.TTF
    FansiPensleTwo Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    FansiPensleTwo Bold.ttf
    Fine Hand (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Fine Hand.ttf
    Flakey (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Flakey.TTF
    Flemish Script BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Flemish Script BT.ttf
    FleurDeLeah ROB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    FleurDeLeah ROB.ttf
    Fleurie (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Fleurie.ttf
    FleurishScript (TrueType)    REG_SZ    FleurishScript.ttf
    FluxRegular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    FluxRegular.TTF
    Formal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Formal.TTF
    Gallia (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gallia.ttf
    Garamond Reprise OldStyle SSi Bold Small Caps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Garamond Reprise OldStyle SSi Bold Small Caps.ttf
    Gaston Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gaston Bold.TTF
    Gaston Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gaston Normal.TTF
    Gemerald (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gemerald.ttf
    Ghandi Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ghandi Bold.TTF
    Ghandi Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ghandi Normal.TTF
    Goudy Handtooled BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Goudy Handtooled BT.TTF
    Goudy Old Style Bold Italic BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Goudy Old Style Bold Italic BT.TTF
    Gourmand (TrueType)    REG_SZ    GOURMAND.TTF
    Gravura LET (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gravura LET.ttf
    Gregory Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gregory Normal.TTF
    Hadassah Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Hadassah Light.TTF
    Hancock (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Hancock.TTF
    Heather (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Heather.TTF
    Hebrew Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Hebrew Regular.TTF
    Helinda Rook Alt (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helinda Rook Alt.TTF
    Helinda Rook (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helinda Rook.TTF
    HMRoselyn Script Monograms (TrueType)    REG_SZ    HMRoselyn Script Monograms.ttf
    Holidays (TrueType)    REG_SZ    holidays.ttf
    Horn Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Horn Bold.TTF
    Horn Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Horn Italic.TTF
    Horn Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Horn Normal.TTF
    Horn Thin Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Horn Thin Normal.TTF
    Imperator (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Imperator.ttf
    ImperatorBronze (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ImperatorBronze.ttf
    ImperatorBronzeSmallCaps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ImperatorBronzeSmallCaps.ttf
    Imperial Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Imperial Bold Italic.TTF
    Imperial Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Imperial Bold.TTF
    Imperial Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Imperial Italic.TTF
    Imperial (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Imperial.TTF
    Ironclad (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ironclad.TTF
    Ironick-Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ironick-Normal.TTF
    JackieO (TrueType)    REG_SZ    JackieO.ttf
    Janson Text 55 Roman Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Janson Text 55 Roman Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures.ttf
    Kabel Book BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Kabel Book BT.TTF
    Kosher Extended Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Kosher Extended Normal.TTF
    Kosher Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Kosher Normal.TTF
    KR Kinda Flakey (TrueType)    REG_SZ    KR Kinda Flakey.ttf
    La Jolla ES (TrueType)    REG_SZ    La Jolla ES.ttf
    LainieDaySH (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LainieDaySH.TTF
    Latinaires Caps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Latinaires Caps.ttf
    Liberate Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Liberate Bold.TTF
    Liberate Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Liberate Normal.TTF
    Liorah BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Liorah BT.ttf
    Luciano Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Bold.TTF
    Luciano Condensed Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Condensed Bold.TTF
    Luciano Condensed Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Condensed Normal.TTF
    Luciano Extended Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Extended Bold.TTF
    Luciano Extended Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Extended Normal.TTF
    Luciano Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Italic.TTF
    Luciano Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Normal.TTF
    Luciano Thin Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Thin Bold.TTF
    Luciano Thin Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Thin Normal.TTF
    Luciano Wide Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Wide Bold.TTF
    Luciano Wide Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Wide Italic.TTF
    Luciano Wide Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Luciano Wide Normal.TTF
    Lucida Blackletter (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Blackletter.ttf
    Lucy Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucy Normal.TTF
    Lysandria (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lysandria.ttf
    Magik (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Magik.ttf
    Majestic Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Majestic Bold.TTF
    Majestic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Majestic.TTF
    Marque Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Marque Bold.TTF
    Marque (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Marque.TTF
    MeaCulpa  (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MeaCulpa .ttf
    Metro Nouveau (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Metro Nouveau.ttf
    Midevil Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Midevil Normal.TTF
    Miss Fajardose (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Miss Fajardose.ttf
    Monsieur La Doulaise (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Monsieur La Doulaise.ttf
    Mural Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Mural Script.ttf
    Myriad Condensed Web Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Myriad Condensed Web Italic.ttf
    Myriad Condensed Web (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Myriad Condensed Web.ttf
    Myriad Web Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Myriad Web Bold.ttf
    Myriad Web Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Myriad Web Italic.ttf
    Myriad Web (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Myriad Web.ttf
    Nachlaot (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nachlaot.TTF
    Nadine Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nadine Italic.TTF
    Nadine Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nadine Normal.TTF
    NatVignetteOne (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NatVignetteOne.ttf
    NatVignetteTwo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NatVignetteTwo.ttf
    Nauert Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nauert Regular.ttf
    News Gothic MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    News Gothic MT.ttf
    Nickelodeon (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nickelodeon.TTF
    Nimbus Script Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nimbus Script Regular.TTF
    NimbusRomNo9T Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NimbusRomNo9T Bold Italic.TTF
    NimbusRomNo9T Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NimbusRomNo9T Bold.TTF
    NimbusRomNo9T Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NimbusRomNo9T Italic.TTF
    NimbusRomNo9T (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NimbusRomNo9T.TTF
    NimbusSanT  (TrueType)    REG_SZ    NimbusSanT .TTF
    Nuptial BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nuptial BT.ttf
    Old English (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Old English.ttf
    Opera (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Opera.TTF
    OptimusPrinceps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    OptimusPrinceps.ttf
    OptimusPrincepsSemiBold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    OptimusPrincepsSemiBold.ttf
    Orphiel Demo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Orphiel Demo.TTF
    Pageant (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Pageant.TTF
    Peinaud Medium (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Peinaud Medium.ttf
    Pendulum (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Pendulum.ttf
    Penman Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Penman Script.ttf
    Penshurst_Shadow (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Penshurst_Shadow.TTF
    PoemExclusive-Regular DB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    PoemExclusive-Regular DB.ttf
    Poster Bodoni BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Poster Bodoni BT.TTF
    PR Compass Rose Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    PR Compass Rose Normal.TTF
    Princess BV (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Princess BV.TTF
    Prodigal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Prodigal.TTF
    QuigleyWiggly (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QuigleyWiggly.TTF
    Rechtman Plain (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Rechtman Plain.TTF
    Regency (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Regency.TTF
    Rivanna (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Rivanna.TTF
    Rondo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Rondo.ttf
    Roselyn (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Roselyn.ttf
    Samurai (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Samurai.TTF
    SC By The Sea (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SC By The Sea.TTF
    Schindler Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Schindler Light.ttf
    Schindler Small Caps (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Schindler Small Caps.ttf
    Schindler (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Schindler.ttf
    Script 33 Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Script 33 Normal.TTF
    Script 92 Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Script 92 Normal.TTF
    Seperates (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Seperates.ttf
    Sheer Elegance Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sheer Elegance Regular.ttf
    Shell Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Shell Normal.TTF
    Shelley Allegro BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Shelley Allegro BT.ttf
    Shelley Andante BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Shelley Andante BT.ttf
    Shelley Volante BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Shelley Volante BT.ttf
    Signs Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Signs Normal.TTF
    SIL Ezra (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SIL Ezra.TTF
    Sliver Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sliver Bold.TTF
    Sliver Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sliver Normal.TTF
    Sloop-ScriptOne (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sloop-ScriptOne.ttf
    Souvenir Light BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Souvenir Light BT.TTF
    Souvenir Light Italic BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Souvenir Light Italic BT.TTF
    St Charles Thin (TrueType)    REG_SZ    St Charles Thin.ttf
    St Charles (TrueType)    REG_SZ    St Charles.ttf
    Studio Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Studio Normal.TTF
    Sweden Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sweden Bold.TTF
    Sweden Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Sweden Normal.TTF
    Tango Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tango Bold.TTF
    Tango Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tango Italic.TTF
    Tango Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tango Normal.TTF
    Theatre (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Theatre.TTF
    Twentieth Century Poster1 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Twentieth Century Poster1.TTF
    Typo Upright BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Typo Upright BT.TTF
    UniversityScript-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    UniversityScript-Regular.ttf
    Verdana Ref (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Verdana Ref.TTF
    Vianta (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Vianta.ttf
    Vine MonogramsSolid (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Vine MonogramsSolid.ttf
    Walt Disney Script v4.1 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Walt Disney Script v4.1.ttf
    Worstveld Sling Extra (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Worstveld Sling Extra.ttf
    WP IconicSymbolsA (TrueType)    REG_SZ    WP IconicSymbolsA.ttf
    WP MathA (TrueType)    REG_SZ    WP MathA.ttf
    WWFlakes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    WWFlakes.ttf
    Yearbook Outline (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Yearbook Outline.ttf
    Yesterday-Regular DB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Yesterday-Regular DB.ttf
    York Script ES  (TrueType)    REG_SZ    York Script ES .ttf
    Young Love ES (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Young Love ES.ttf
    ZamolxisOrnament (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ZamolxisOrnament.TTF
    Zaner Ornamental (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zaner Ornamental.ttf
    Zap-Chance (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zap-Chance.TTF
    Zapfino Linotype One (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zapfino Linotype One.ttf
    Zenda (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zenda.ttf
    Zirkon (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Zirkon.TTF
    Algerian (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Algerian.TTF
    Andalus (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Andalus.ttf
    Arial Black (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Black.ttf
    Arial Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Bold Italic.ttf
    Arial Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Bold.ttf
    Arial Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Italic.ttf
    Arial Narrow Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Narrow Bold Italic.TTF
    Arial Narrow Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Narrow Bold.TTF
    Arial Narrow Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Narrow Italic.TTF
    Arial Narrow (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Narrow.TTF
    Arial Rounded MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Rounded MT Bold.TTF
    Arial Unicode MS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial Unicode MS.TTF
    Arial (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Arial_0.ttf
    Bank Gothic Light BT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bank Gothic Light BT.ttf
    Baskerville Old Face (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Baskerville Old Face.TTF
    Bauhaus 93 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bauhaus 93.TTF
    Bell MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bell MT Bold.TTF
    Bell MT Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bell MT Italic.TTF
    Bell MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bell MT.TTF
    Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold.TTF
    Berlin Sans FB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Berlin Sans FB.TTF
    BickhamScriptMM (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BickhamScriptMM.ttf
    Bodoni MT Black (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bodoni MT Black.TTF
    Bodoni MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bodoni MT Bold.TTF
    Bodoni MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bodoni MT.TTF
    Book Antiqua Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Book Antiqua Bold Italic.TTF
    Book Antiqua Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Book Antiqua Bold.TTF
    Book Antiqua Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Book Antiqua Italic.TTF
    Book Antiqua (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Book Antiqua.TTF
    Bookman Old Style Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bookman Old Style Bold Italic.TTF
    Bookman Old Style Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bookman Old Style Bold.TTF
    Bookman Old Style Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bookman Old Style Italic.TTF
    Bookman Old Style (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bookman Old Style.TTF
    Bookshelf Symbol 7 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bookshelf Symbol 7.TTF
    Bradley Hand ITC (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Bradley Hand ITC.TTF
    Britannic Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Britannic Bold.TTF
    Broadway (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Broadway.TTF
    Brush Script MT Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Brush Script MT Italic.TTF
    Californian FB Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Californian FB Bold.TTF
    Californian FB Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Californian FB Italic.TTF
    Californian FB (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Californian FB.TTF
    Calisto MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Calisto MT Bold.TTF
    Calisto MT Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Calisto MT Italic.TTF
    Calisto MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Calisto MT.TTF
    Castellar (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Castellar.TTF
    Century Gothic Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Gothic Bold Italic.TTF
    Century Gothic Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Gothic Bold.TTF
    Century Gothic Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Gothic Italic.TTF
    Century Gothic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Gothic.TTF
    Century Schoolbook Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Schoolbook Bold Italic.TTF
    Century Schoolbook Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Schoolbook Bold.TTF
    Century Schoolbook Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Schoolbook Italic.TTF
    Century Schoolbook (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Century Schoolbook.TTF
    Colonna MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Colonna MT.TTF
    Comic Sans MS Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Comic Sans MS Bold.ttf
    Comic Sans MS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Comic Sans MS.ttf
    Constantia Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Constantia Bold Italic.TTF
    Constantia Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Constantia Bold.TTF
    Constantia Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Constantia Italic.TTF
    Constantia (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Constantia.TTF
    Cooper Black (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Cooper Black.TTF
    Copperplate Gothic Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Copperplate Gothic Bold.TTF
    Copperplate Gothic Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Copperplate Gothic Light.TTF
    Courier New (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Courier New.ttf
    Curlz MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Curlz MT.TTF
    Edwardian Script ITC (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Edwardian Script ITC.TTF
    Elephant (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Elephant.TTF
    Engravers MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Engravers MT.TTF
    Eras Medium ITC (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Eras Medium ITC.TTF
    Felix Titling (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Felix Titling.TTF
    Footlight MT Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Footlight MT Light.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Book Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Book Italic.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Book (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Book.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Demi Cond (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Demi Cond.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Demi Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Demi Italic.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Demi (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Demi.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Heavy (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Heavy.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Medium Cond (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Medium Cond.TTF
    Franklin Gothic Medium Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Medium Italic.ttf
    Franklin Gothic Medium (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Franklin Gothic Medium.ttf
    French Script MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    French Script MT.TTF
    Garamond Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Garamond Bold.TTF
    Garamond Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Garamond Italic.TTF
    Garamond (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Garamond.TTF
    Georgia Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Georgia Bold Italic.ttf
    Georgia Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Georgia Bold.ttf
    Georgia Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Georgia Italic.ttf
    Gill Sans MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gill Sans MT Bold.TTF
    Gill Sans MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Gill Sans MT.TTF
    Goudy Old Style Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Goudy Old Style Bold.TTF
    Goudy Old Style Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Goudy Old Style Italic.TTF
    Goudy Old Style (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Goudy Old Style.TTF
    Harrington (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Harrington.TTF
    Helvetica LT Narrow (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helvetica LT Narrow.ttf
    Helvetica LT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helvetica LT.ttf
    Helvetica Narrow CE Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helvetica Narrow CE Regular.ttf
    Helvetica Rounded LT Black (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helvetica Rounded LT Black.ttf
    Helvetica Textbook LT Roman (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Helvetica Textbook LT Roman.ttf
    High Tower Text Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    High Tower Text Italic.TTF
    High Tower Text (TrueType)    REG_SZ    High Tower Text.TTF
    Imprint MT Shadow (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Imprint MT Shadow.TTF
    Kunstler Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Kunstler Script.TTF
    Lucida Bright (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Bright.TTF
    Lucida Calligraphy Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Calligraphy Italic.TTF
    Lucida Fax Demibold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Fax Demibold Italic.TTF
    Lucida Fax Demibold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Fax Demibold.TTF
    Lucida Fax Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Fax Italic.TTF
    Lucida Fax Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Fax Regular.TTF
    Lucida Handwriting Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Handwriting Italic.TTF
    Lucida Sans Demibold Roman (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Sans Demibold Roman.TTF
    Lucida Sans Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Sans Italic.TTF
    Lucida Sans Typewriter Oblique (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lucida Sans Typewriter Oblique.TTF
    Magneto Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Magneto Bold.TTF
    Monotype Corsiva (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Monotype Corsiva.TTF
    Niagara Engraved (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Niagara Engraved.TTF
    Niagara Solid (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Niagara Solid.TTF
    Old English Text MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Old English Text MT.TTF
    Palace Script MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Palace Script MT.TTF
    Palatino Linotype Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Palatino Linotype Bold.ttf
    Palatino Linotype Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Palatino Linotype Italic.ttf
    Palatino Linotype (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Palatino Linotype.ttf
    Perpetua Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Perpetua Bold Italic.TTF
    Perpetua Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Perpetua Bold.TTF
    Perpetua Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Perpetua Italic.TTF
    Perpetua Titling MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Perpetua Titling MT Bold.TTF
    Perpetua Titling MT Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Perpetua Titling MT Light.TTF
    Perpetua (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Perpetua.TTF
    Poor Richard (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Poor Richard.TTF
    Rockwell Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Rockwell Bold.TTF
    Rockwell Condensed (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Rockwell Condensed.TTF
    Rockwell (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Rockwell.TTF
    Script MT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Script MT Bold.TTF
    Swan Song (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Swan Song.ttf
    Times New Roman Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Times New Roman Bold Italic.ttf
    Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Times New Roman Bold.ttf
    Times New Roman Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Times New Roman Italic.ttf
    Times New Roman (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Times New Roman.ttf
    Trade Gothic LT Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Trade Gothic LT Bold.ttf
    Trade Gothic LT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Trade Gothic LT.ttf
    Trebuchet MS Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Trebuchet MS Bold Italic.ttf
    Trebuchet MS Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Trebuchet MS Bold.ttf
    Trebuchet MS Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Trebuchet MS Italic.ttf
    Trebuchet MS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Trebuchet MS.ttf
    Tw Cen MT Condensed Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tw Cen MT Condensed Bold.TTF
    Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold.TTF
    Tw Cen MT Condensed (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tw Cen MT Condensed.TTF
    Tw Cen MT Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Tw Cen MT Italic.TTF
    Vivaldi Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Vivaldi Italic.TTF
    Vladimir Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Vladimir Script.TTF
    Wide Latin (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Wide Latin.TTF
    Wingdings 3 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Wingdings 3.TTF
    Wingdings (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Wingdings.ttf
    AGaramondPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AGaramondPro-Bold.otf
    BrushScriptStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    BrushScriptStd.otf
    ChaparralPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ChaparralPro-Bold.otf
    ChaparralPro-BoldIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ChaparralPro-BoldIt.otf
    ChaparralPro-Italic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ChaparralPro-Italic.otf
    ChaparralPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ChaparralPro-Regular.otf
    CharlemagneStd-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    CharlemagneStd-Bold.otf
    CooperBlackStd-Italic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    CooperBlackStd-Italic.otf
    CooperBlackStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    CooperBlackStd.otf
    HoboStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    HoboStd.otf
    NuevaStd-BoldCond (OpenType)    REG_SZ    NuevaStd-BoldCond.otf
    StencilStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    StencilStd.otf
    TrajanPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    TrajanPro-Bold.otf
    TrajanPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    TrajanPro-Regular.otf
    MinionPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-Bold.otf
    MyriadPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-Bold.otf
    MyriadPro-Cond (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-Cond.otf
    MyriadPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-Regular.otf
    MyriadPro-Semibold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-Semibold.otf
    Lucida Bright Demibold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaBrightDemiBold.ttf
    Lucida Bright Demibold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaBrightDemiItalic.ttf
    Lucida Bright Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaBrightItalic.ttf
    Lucida Bright Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaBrightRegular.ttf
    Lucida Sans Demibold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaSansDemiBold.ttf
    Lucida Sans Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaSansRegular.ttf
    Lucida Sans Typewriter Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaTypewriterBold.ttf
    Lucida Sans Typewriter Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboTax\Deluxe 2010\32bit\jre\lib\fonts\LucidaTypewriterRegular.ttf
    AlwaysRegular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AlwaysRegular.ttf
    HisNibsNF (TrueType)    REG_SZ    HisNibsNF.otf
    MonAmourScriptSwashes (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MonAmourScriptSwashes.otf
    Ability (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Ability_0.otf
    AlwaysLight (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AlwaysLight.otf
    Nadine Wide Normal (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nadine Wide Normal.TTF
    Candy Randy (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Candy Randy.ttf
    MousseScript-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MousseScript-Regular.otf
    Penabico (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Penabico.otf
    Aja (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Aja.ttf
    Boundless (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Boundless.ttf
    Maestra-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    dooType - Maestra-Regular.otf
    MadrigalleNocturne (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MadrigalleNocturne.otf
    MonteCarloPro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MonteCarloPro.otf
    MadrigalleMinuet (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MadrigalleMinuet.otf
    AireLightPro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Aire Light Pro.otf
    Hiatus (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Hiatus.otf
    UpDock (TrueType)    REG_SZ    UpDock.ttf
    AlmibarPro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AlmibarPro.otf
    SoftOrnamentsSix (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments Six.otf
    LushScript (TrueType)    REG_SZ    LushScript.otf
    TheFrench (TrueType)    REG_SZ    TheFrench.ttf
    Fling LET (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Fling LET.ttf
    ParfumerieScriptOldStyle (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Parfumerie_Script_Old_Style.otf
    ParfumerieScriptText (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Parfumerie_Script_Text.otf
    ParfumerieScriptRegular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ParfumerieScriptRegular.otf
    ParfumerieScriptCurly (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Parfumerie_Script_Curly.otf
    ParfumerieScriptDecorative (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ParfumerieScriptDecorative.otf
    ParfumerieScriptOrnaments (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Parfumerie_Script_Ornaments.otf
    SildetasRegular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SildetasRegular.otf
    SildetasBlack (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SildetasBlack.otf
    ScriptinaPro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Scriptina Pro.otf
    Nymphette (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Nymphette.ttf
    AlanaplusOrnamentsMF (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Alana plus Ornaments_MF.otf
    ParfaitScriptPro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    parfaitscriptpro.otf
    Adore Alt (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Adore Alt.ttf
    Adore (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Adore.ttf
    ReliantShadowFree (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Reliant Shadow Free.otf
    ReliantLimitedFreeVersion (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Reliant Limited Free Version.otf
    Soft Ornaments (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments.ttf
    Respective (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Respective.ttf
    Samantha ORNAMENTS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Samantha ORNAMENTS.ttf
    Samantha CATCH WORDS (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Samantha CATCH WORDS.ttf
    SamanthaUprightSWASH (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SamanthaUprightSWASH.otf
    IntellectaCrowns (TrueType)    REG_SZ    IntellectaCrowns.ttf
    CenteriaScriptDemo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    CenteriaScriptDemo.otf
    SteinweissScriptMedium (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Steinweiss Script Medium.otf
    Lavanderia-Sturdy (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lavanderia Sturdy.otf
    BreathePro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Breathe Pro.otf
    P22 Imperial Script (TrueType)    REG_SZ    P22 Imperial Script.ttf
    Romi (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Romi.otf
    Lavanderia-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Lavanderia Regular.otf
    Legendaria (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Legendaria.otf
    Maestra-Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    dooType - Maestra-Bold.otf
    Calibri Light Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    calibrili.ttf
    Calibri Light (TrueType)    REG_SZ    calibril.ttf
    Allura (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Allura.ttf
    Surrey (TrueType)    REG_SZ    SURREY.OTF
    BentonModDisp-Regular (TrueType)    REG_SZ    BentonModDisp-Regular.otf
    HipsterScriptPro (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Hipster Script Pro.otf
    MFC Manoir Monogram Basic (250 Impressions) (TrueType)    REG_SZ    MFC Manoir Monogram Basic.otf
    Recherche (TrueType)    REG_SZ    recherche.otf
    SoftOrnamentsSeven (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments Seven.otf
    SoftOrnamentsThree (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments Three.otf
    Soft Ornaments Three (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments Three.ttf
    Soft Ornaments Two (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments Two.ttf
    Quickier Demo (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Quickier_Demo.ttf
    Soft Ornaments Eight (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Soft Ornaments Eight.ttf
    Verdana Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    verdanai.ttf
    Verdana Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    verdanab.ttf
    Verdana Bold Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    verdanaz.ttf
    Verdana (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Verdana_1.ttf
    OCR-A II (TrueType)    REG_SZ    OCRA2_P.TTF
    OCR B MT (TrueType)    REG_SZ    OCRBMT.TTF
    QuickType II Condensed Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2C_B.TTF
    QuickType II Condensed Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2C_I.TTF
    QuickType II Condensed (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2C_P.TTF
    QuickType II Mono (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2M_P.TTF
    QuickType II Pi (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2PI_P.TTF
    QuickType II Bold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2_B.TTF
    QuickType II Italic (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2_I.TTF
    QuickType II (TrueType)    REG_SZ    QT2_P.TTF
    ACaslonPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ACaslonPro-Bold.otf
    ACaslonPro-BoldItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ACaslonPro-BoldItalic.otf
    ACaslonPro-Italic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ACaslonPro-Italic.otf
    ACaslonPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ACaslonPro-Regular.otf
    ACaslonPro-Semibold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ACaslonPro-Semibold.otf
    ACaslonPro-SemiboldItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    ACaslonPro-SemiboldItalic.otf
    AdobeFangsongStd-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeFangsongStd-Regular.otf
    AdobeFanHeitiStd-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeFanHeitiStd-Bold.otf
    AdobeGothicStd-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeGothicStd-Bold.otf
    AdobeHeitiStd-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeHeitiStd-Regular.otf
    AdobeKaitiStd-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeKaitiStd-Regular.otf
    AGaramondPro-BoldItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AGaramondPro-BoldItalic.otf
    AGaramondPro-Italic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AGaramondPro-Italic.otf
    AGaramondPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AGaramondPro-Regular.otf
    BirchStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    BirchStd.otf
    BlackoakStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    BlackoakStd.otf
    GiddyupStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    GiddyupStd.otf
    KozGoPr6N-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPr6N-Bold.otf
    KozGoPr6N-ExtraLight (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPr6N-ExtraLight.otf
    KozGoPr6N-Heavy (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPr6N-Heavy.otf
    KozGoPr6N-Light (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPr6N-Light.otf
    KozGoPr6N-Medium (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPr6N-Medium.otf
    KozGoPr6N-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPr6N-Regular.otf
    KozMinPr6N-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPr6N-Bold.otf
    KozMinPr6N-ExtraLight (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPr6N-ExtraLight.otf
    KozMinPr6N-Heavy (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPr6N-Heavy.otf
    KozMinPr6N-Light (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPr6N-Light.otf
    KozMinPr6N-Medium (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPr6N-Medium.otf
    KozMinPr6N-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPr6N-Regular.otf
    LithosPro-Black (OpenType)    REG_SZ    LithosPro-Black.otf
    LithosPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    LithosPro-Regular.otf
    MesquiteStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MesquiteStd.otf
    MinionPro-BoldCn (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-BoldCn.otf
    MinionPro-BoldCnIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-BoldCnIt.otf
    MinionPro-Medium (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-Medium.otf
    MinionPro-MediumIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-MediumIt.otf
    MinionPro-Semibold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-Semibold.otf
    MinionPro-SemiboldIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-SemiboldIt.otf
    NuevaStd-BoldCondItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    NuevaStd-BoldCondItalic.otf
    NuevaStd-Cond (OpenType)    REG_SZ    NuevaStd-Cond.otf
    NuevaStd-CondItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    NuevaStd-CondItalic.otf
    OCRAStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    OCRAStd.otf
    OratorStd-Slanted (OpenType)    REG_SZ    OratorStd-Slanted.otf
    OratorStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    OratorStd.otf
    PoplarStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    PoplarStd.otf
    PrestigeEliteStd-Bd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    PrestigeEliteStd-Bd.otf
    RosewoodStd-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    RosewoodStd-Regular.otf
    TektonPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    TektonPro-Bold.otf
    TektonPro-BoldCond (OpenType)    REG_SZ    TektonPro-BoldCond.otf
    TektonPro-BoldExt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    TektonPro-BoldExt.otf
    TektonPro-BoldObl (OpenType)    REG_SZ    TektonPro-BoldObl.otf
    AdobeArabic-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeArabic-Bold.otf
    AdobeArabic-BoldItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeArabic-BoldItalic.otf
    AdobeArabic-Italic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeArabic-Italic.otf
    AdobeArabic-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeArabic-Regular.otf
    AdobeHebrew-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeHebrew-Bold.otf
    AdobeHebrew-BoldItalic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeHebrew-BoldItalic.otf
    AdobeHebrew-Italic (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeHebrew-Italic.otf
    AdobeHebrew-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeHebrew-Regular.otf
    AdobeMingStd-Light (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeMingStd-Light.otf
    AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf
    AdobeSongStd-Light (OpenType)    REG_SZ    AdobeSongStd-Light.otf
    KozGoPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPro-Bold.otf
    KozGoPro-ExtraLight (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPro-ExtraLight.otf
    KozGoPro-Heavy (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPro-Heavy.otf
    KozGoPro-Light (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPro-Light.otf
    KozGoPro-Medium (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPro-Medium.otf
    KozGoPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozGoPro-Regular.otf
    KozMinPro-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPro-Bold.otf
    KozMinPro-ExtraLight (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPro-ExtraLight.otf
    KozMinPro-Heavy (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPro-Heavy.otf
    KozMinPro-Light (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPro-Light.otf
    KozMinPro-Medium (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPro-Medium.otf
    KozMinPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    KozMinPro-Regular.otf
    LetterGothicStd-Bold (OpenType)    REG_SZ    LetterGothicStd-Bold.otf
    LetterGothicStd-BoldSlanted (OpenType)    REG_SZ    LetterGothicStd-BoldSlanted.otf
    LetterGothicStd-Slanted (OpenType)    REG_SZ    LetterGothicStd-Slanted.otf
    LetterGothicStd (OpenType)    REG_SZ    LetterGothicStd.otf
    MinionPro-BoldIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-BoldIt.otf
    MinionPro-It (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-It.otf
    MinionPro-Regular (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MinionPro-Regular.otf
    MyriadPro-BoldCond (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-BoldCond.otf
    MyriadPro-BoldCondIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-BoldCondIt.otf
    MyriadPro-BoldIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-BoldIt.otf
    MyriadPro-CondIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-CondIt.otf
    MyriadPro-It (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-It.otf
    MyriadPro-SemiboldIt (OpenType)    REG_SZ    MyriadPro-SemiboldIt.otf
    GansRoyalityLined (TrueType)    REG_SZ    GansRoyalityLined.ttf
    AllerleiZierat1 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    AllerleiZierat1.ttf
    GansRoyalityShadow (TrueType)    REG_SZ    GansRoyalityShadow.ttf
    GansRoyality (TrueType)    REG_SZ    GansRoyality.ttf
    DecoExperiment3 (TrueType)    REG_SZ    DecoExperiment3.ttf
    ContourationBold (TrueType)    REG_SZ    ContourationBold.ttf
    Orchis (TrueType)    REG_SZ    Orchis.ttf
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache
    LangID    REG_BINARY    0904
    C:\Windows\System32\fsquirt.exe    REG_SZ    fsquirt
    C:\Windows\system32\WFS.exe    REG_SZ    Microsoft  Windows Fax and Scan
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe    REG_SZ    Skype 
    C:\Windows\Explorer.exe    REG_SZ    Windows Explorer
    C:\Windows\System32\sdclt.exe    REG_SZ    Microsoftr Windows Backup
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\WLXPhotoGallery.exe    REG_SZ    Windows Live Photo Gallery
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll    REG_SZ    Windows Photo Viewer
    C:\Windows\system32\mspaint.exe    REG_SZ    Paint
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\MovieMaker.exe    REG_SZ    Windows Live Movie Maker
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe    REG_SZ    Firefox
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Support Files\Contents\Windows\Illustrator.exe    REG_SZ    Adobe Illustrator CS5
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe    REG_SZ    Adobe Photoshop CS5
    C:\PROGRA~2\MIF5BA~1\Office14\OIS.EXE    REG_SZ    Microsoft Office 2010
    C:\Windows\eHome\ehshell.exe    REG_SZ    Windows Media Center
    C:\Users\Attock\Downloads\Dashlane_Launcher-1392831805.exe    REG_SZ    Dashlane
    C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll    REG_SZ    Windows Photo Viewer
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe    REG_SZ    Windows Media Player
    C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\QuickTimePlayer.exe    REG_SZ    QuickTime Player
    C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe    REG_SZ    iTunes
    C:\Users\Attock\Downloads\googledrivesync.exe    REG_SZ    Google Update Setup
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe    REG_SZ    Adobe Reader 
    C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe    REG_SZ    Internet Explorer
    C:\Windows\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE    REG_SZ    Notepad
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\WINWORD.EXE    REG_SZ    Microsoft Word
    C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\WORDPAD.EXE    REG_SZ    WordPad
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe    REG_SZ    Google Chrome
    C:\Users\Attock\Downloads\FinalTorrentSetup.exe    REG_SZ                                                                
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Settings Manager\smdmf\tbicon.exe    REG_SZ    Browse and Search the Internet
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Silverlight\sllauncher.exe    REG_SZ    Microsoft Silverlight Out-of-Browser Launcher
    C:\Users\Attock\Downloads\Jillian_Michaels_-_Shred_it_with_Weights_KB.exe    REG_SZ    Jillian_Michaels_-_Shred_it_with_Weights_KB
    C:\Users\Attock\Downloads\MicrosoftFixit.Performance.RNP.6833698332575941.1.1.Run.exe    REG_SZ    Microsoftr Fix it
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontMapper\FamilyDefaults
    (Default)    REG_SZ    Arial
    Swiss    REG_SZ    Arial
    Modern    REG_SZ    Courier New
    Decorative    REG_SZ    Impact
    Script    REG_SZ    Segoe Script
    Roman    REG_SZ    Times New Roman


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