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[SOLVED] Google Chrome slow launch


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Whilst Anti-Exploit is "Running" Google Chrome takes considerably longer to initialise:

First a completely blank DWM(/aero) window is rendered without any of the expected Chrome UI, see 1.png;
Then a few seconds later the Chrome UI is rendered, but not the page or extensions, see 2.png;
Then a few more seconds later, the webpage itself is rendered and the extensions start functioning, see 3.png.

I do not have this issue when Anti-Exploit is "Stopped".
I do not have this issue when Chrome is already running.
Once Chrome has finally started everything works as expected, it's just the huge delay upon starting the application.

More info:

Entire contents of "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" is also attached as a zip.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1 [6.1.7601.17514]

Software Versions:
Google Chrome 64-bit [38.0.2125.104 (Official Build 290379) m (64-bit)]

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium []
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium []
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 []

Many thanks in advance for any help, this is so frustrating! ♥

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I disabled the "Automatic Exploit Prevention" item within Kaspersky and tried again with no difference, I disabled the whole "System Watcher" component (which contains the "Automatic Exploit Prevention" item) with no difference, and finally I disabled Kaspersky Anti-Virus completely with no difference.. :/ 

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I'm having an issue with MBAE and Chrome. It appears as if MBAE is causing Chrome to crash very frequently, especially after coming out of system suspend. This has been going on for weeks now. Every time my system resumes from suspend Chrome will crash and it will also crash randomly (albeit much less frequently than with the resume suspend crashes) with no pattern I can detect. Analysis of a crash dump file I saved appears to show mbae.dll as causing a heap corruption, though honestly this level of debugging is pretty deep for me so I might be misreading the results. However, supporting my theory that MBAE is causing the crashes, Chrome does not crash after resuming from suspend if MBAE is stopped.


In addition, an unexpected side affect of disabling MBAE seems to be that starting Chrome/restoring my crashed Chrome session is much faster than it usually is when MBAE is enabled. When restoring a session while MBAE was running, it usually took several minutes to get everything back up and running. After disabling MBAE my tabs were back in a few seconds. I can't quite explain this difference but perhaps it's related to the corrupted memory heap referenced in the crash dump?


I've attached the as well asChrome.Crash.Analysis_2014.11.04.txt.


Thanks for the help!


Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.04.1.1012
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro v2.0.3.1025

Chrome 38.0.2125.111 m

Windows 8 x64

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Just a note, I believe I can also corroborate this performance impact on Chrome. As part of my own issue with MBAE and Chrome (see post: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/160272-mbae-crashingslowing-chrome-heap-corruption-win8x64/) I disabled MBAE and noticed that Chrome restored my tabs in seconds as opposed to what usually takes a few minutes when MBAE was running.

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When trying to open google chrome (while MBAE is running of course) it crashes instantly. No browser window opens at all, but through Process Hacker it's possible to see that a chrome.exe process starts and terminates within a second. This happens also with all chrome extensions disabled. I also tried running GC with administrative privileges but still the same result. All this happens without any notifications from MBAE either from its logs tab or the general tab. In contrast, while MBAE is running Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (both versions 32 bit & 64 bit) is running normally and shielded by MBAE. Due to the known bug of "Shielded applications counter in GENERAL tab sometimes does not show correct count" it's possible to use Process Hacker to see if IE 9 is really shielded or not. This can be investigated through the fact that mbae.dll should be loaded with iexplore.exe process (and mbae64.dll should be loaded with the 64 bit version of IE), and yes this was the situation, both IE versions were really shielded by MBAE.

The only way to run GC was either to exit MBAE or stop protection of MBAE. An interesting point was after running GC I started the protection of MBAE again, then I opened a new browser window (not a new tab), guess what happened, the Shielded applications counter in GENERAL tab showed a shielded application and in LOGS tab there's a "Google Chrome is now protected" message. Again through Process Hacker I investigated whether this message was true or not. Unfortunately GC was not protected as the module mbae.dll was not loaded (then the above message was due to the mentioned bug). I tried to manually inject mbae.dll into the chrome.exe process but it did not work. Any idea about this problem? Any help is appreciated.

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