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Does Lame MP3 encoder show up as a false positive


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I just cleared a bunch of viruses from my laptop with Malwarebytes, and had to re-install Audacity and Lame_enc.dll on my computer. However, Lame has not been working at all since I cleared my laptop of viruses, and will not fully install. None of my music is saving to MP3s, and Lame will not fully install onto my computer. Does Lame_enc.dll show up as a false positive typically, or not? If so, how do I fix it and get Audacity working without any viruses?

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Actually, you cleared out non-viral malware as Malwarebytes doesn't really target 1"viruses".  The terminology "virus" is used and abused with few actually using it corectlly.


lame_enc.dll, v3.99.2.3, shows NO False Positive declarations according to Virus Total. with any vendors.


Please note that this sub-forum is for determining if a legitimate file is currently being flagged by Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) when it shouldn't be flagged.  That isn't the case here as MBAM hadn't actually flagged, quarantined and logged such an event.



1.  The exception being malware such as Worms (Internet Worms, AutoRun Worms, etc).

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