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ver x 2 very bad design


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Hi there

We have a very bad design, but either we have the best program, so any plan to improve the design or to replace it? To be honest, I did not like the design since the new version came out!
Even tapes had moved to another place from the program or may have been removed? Where the checkmark/uncheckmark option go for malwares
quarantine items ? :unsure:

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We actually have a lot more negative feedback from the 1.7x version and why the GUI was changed in 2.x

Unfortunately that's just the way things work in our lives. Nearly 8 billion people on the planet and you can randomly pick 100 people from all walks of life and put them in a room and pick any subject and you will not have a consensus. Humans are often quite finicky or fickle about many things. Some things they like today they won't like next week or next month.

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We're actually doing extensive usability testing and are working with professional UI/UX designers to improve the MBAM 2.0 UI. You can expect to see some of the changes that come as a result of this work in our next major release which is due out early next year.

this a nice reply and we hope to see this come true :D:P:lol: next build should be called a Re-design related maintenance update ! :D


lol :lol:

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The UI is unprofessional!  The complaints you got for 1.75 was with the non professional home based users!   Give us Professionals an updated engine for the 1.75!  Why the heck is the business version still only at 1.75 without the new scanning engine!  Why is it so outdated!  We professionals love the 1.75 professional looking UI but it needs the engine for scanning and protection updated!   You call yourself Malwarebytes for Business but you have done no updates to the engine on it at all! 


Why is the business side of the product getting short end without a new updated engine but leave the professional looking UI what it is?

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I just discovered the new UI and have been looking at previous posts regarding it.


You and your fellow staff members contradict yourselves.

If Functionality truly took precedence over cosmetics, you would have never made your development team go through the effort of changing the UI.

If you know that you cannot truly please everyone, why did you even think to change your UI then?

If humans are as finicky about things as you say and are constantly change their opinions about certain things, why even bother going through such an effort.


Working with UI/UX professionals(most have 0 development experience) are only interested in making money, they will almost always force you to completely revamp your UI.

I have have lived through the life-cycle of many anti-virus, anti-malware, and utility applications and their most current evolution looks exactly like malwarebytes, Everyone must be hiring the same UX designers.

You will be spending more money in the long run because these UX desiginers are introducing fashion to computer applications and fashion is one of the most likely things to change over short periods of time. Please heed my word and revert your UI, the old way delegated the rendering of your controls to the Operating System. You need to take small steps with the UI, I wonder what kind of feedback you would have gotten from users if you would have introduced the ability to change themes.

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