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problems with malwarebytes 2.0.3 screen reader compatibility

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Hi all I am writing following installing malwarebytes 2.0.3 the other day.
I am completely blind, so I was quite excited when I saw that 2.0.3 claimed screen reader compatibility, as before this I

couldn't use version 2.0 at all and so I was stuck on the last version before 2.0.
However, after installing it and spending only 5 minutes with the update I believe I can confidently say the claims of screen reader compatibility are a joke, there is some improvements but not much.
In this new update I can read the tab order of the screen, this means I can tab around the opening screen and read items on it.
However this is literally all I can do, one big issue which hasn't been improved at all is that I can't use a special type of cursor in my screen reader called the jaws cursor this navigates the mouse pointer with the keyboard and allows me to read dialogues and other information that wouldn't normally be accessible through the tab order.
I can give you a typical example of where I already need jaws cursor access in malwarebytes, on my opening screen there is a button called fix, now obviously this wants to fix something, but the question is what, I need the jaws cursor to be able to find this information out, I am not going to just press fix and see what happens. I also use the jaws cursor to read information about the progress of scans. However the jaws cursor is unable to navigate at all inside malwarebytes.
The next issue I found is that there is the dashboard button on t

he main window, but jaws keeps saying this is checked whenever I press it and apart from that I can't see any changes on the screen, also this is a button not a checkbox so it shouldn't even be saying checked in the first place.

Its quite obvious to me that they have done no testing with jaws what so ever, as jaws cursor access is a basic need in accessibility, they clearly haven't consulted blind users at all on making this app accessible, and think that simply giving access to the tab order is enough, well it isn't this application can't be called remotely accessible yet, and I plan to downgrade again to pre 2.0, I am very happy to help with testing new updates etc, but following my other post on this topic in August I heard nothing from malwarebytes, there claims of compatibility are a joke, they shouldn't just assume they know how to make things accessible without allowing blind users to test  and comment on betas of the product.
Jaws is one of the most popular screen readers out there, probably followed buy NVDA however if jaws can't access malwarebytes properly its highly likely that NVDA is going to suffer from similar issues, and in some ways jaws is better than NVDA, and NVDA certainly had issues with 2.0 before.
I would very much like to see a response from an official representative of malwarebytes on this issue.

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Thank you for the valuable feedback. We did a lot of work on screen reader compatibility in version 2.0.3 of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but as you've observed, we definitely have more work to do. We were aware of some of these issues, but not all of them so please, if you are willing or know anyone who is, continue to provide us any feedback you can on specific areas where there are issues so that we can continue to create our lists of feature requests for improving screen reader compatibility and accessibility in general.


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Hi Samuel, thanks for your reply,
is there any chance I can become involved in product testing? with all due respect I don't think there is any way you will be able to make malwarebytes accessible without input from at least one preferably a lot more blind users using a range of screen readers.
To be quite frank malwarebytes can't be considered accessible at all at the moment just giving access to the tab order isn't enough not nearly, I can't give you any more accessibility issues because literally all I can do is access the tab order which makes the program useless for me if I can't read what its doing, I need to be able to access all information on the screen not just a few controls on the main window, I believe that at the moment it isn't possible for someone who is blind to use 2.0.3 with a screen reader independently at all. Yes we might be able to start scans but that's no good if we can't read important information that isn't a program control about what the scan is doing, if threats are found and then of course we have to be able to deal with them. Your first priority should be to make the program to be able to work with the jaws cursor and other virtual cursors offered buy other screen readers such as NVDA. Beyond that I can't give more information because of the lack of accessibility at the moment. Do you have anyone dedicated to accessibility? its all very well me coming on hear and making a fuss but really you need a dedicated person for accessibility who can be contacted with issues etc.
I would prefer not to go through regular technical support as often these channels simply don't know how to handle accessibility problems or don't understand.

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Hi Samuel,
So do you need my email address then?
I found out today that malwarebytes really doesn't play nicely with screen readers if I needed more evidence that is, today I found out my database was out of date because I decided to scan the malwarebytes main screen with my phone to read text from it, which I shouldn't have to do if I had jaws cursor access I wouldn't have had to.
Anyway when I tried to update the database, it caused my jaws screen reader to totally crash, when I got it restarted I found malwarebytes had also completely crashed and I had to turn my computer off with a forced shut down and restart.
I then tried doing the same thing with NVDA and this time malwarebytes again crashed but NVDA stayed running luckily even so I still had to force shut down my system.
Also there doesn't seem to be an options button on the main screen, I seriously preferred the 1x interface.
also, other information I found out from scanning the malwarebytes screen with my phone is that I am being prompted to buy a license which I had no idea about, because malwarebytes still says premium on the title so I had no idea there are any issues with my license, you really need testers involved urgently to sort these issues out.
I have another friend who is also blind and he said his system locked up completely at the end of a scan.
I think he would be interested in assisting with testing as well.

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Hi Maurice,
thanks for your message, to answer your question I believe I have I downloaded it on the day they announced "screen reader compatibility."
I just installed it over the top of my last 1x version, regarding the database version number I assume the database is corrupt or something because the version number shown is 0.0.0.
also the system tray icon doesn't show the program version number, and it says premium in the system tray icon.

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ahhhh.   You need to uninstall cleanly and do a new install with  and after, run a new Update run.


1: Please perform a clean uninstall before reinstalling the latest version. Do not use Windows Add/Remove Programs. Instead, please download and run "mbam-clean.exe" from the link below:

xxxx link removed xxxx

2: After running the program, it will ask to restart your computer. Please allow it to do so (this is very important).

Next, **repeat** the clean-removal tool a 2nd time:
Double click on **mbam-clean-** for a second run so that all old traces are removed.

3: Download and SAVE to your system the latest 2.0.3 version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from the link below:

Now run the setup:
IF on Windows 8, 8.1, 7, or Vista, do a Right-click on mbam-setup- and select **Run as Administrator** and allow to run.
Answer YES when prompted by User Account Control ( Windows ).

IF on Windows XP then simply double-click  mbam-setup-  to get the setup started.



Post updated [02/12/2021 - AdvancedSetup]

The following MBST tool should be used to perform a clean removal and reinstall



Edited by AdvancedSetup
updated information
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Hi, OK I followed the above instructions and have reinstalled malwarebytes, the database now updates without causing my screen readers to crash.
Though I noticed another problem when entering my license information again, I couldn't use the left and right arrow keys to review the license key and ID fields buy character, and pressing up and down arrows didn't read the lines either, again these are standard screen reader features which should be available.
Also, as soon as I entered my license information the fix button has come back on my screen suggesting there is some sort of issue with my license, but the title bar says malwarebytes premium. of course I have no idea what the problem is not being able to access the rest of the screen lol.
I can confirm though that the other previous issues remain after a clean install suggesting there is a long way to go in screen reader accessibility.

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Oh and I can't access a menu bar, is there a menu bar since 2.0? I can't find a settings button.
I also noticed that my screen reader doesn't read me any messages saying either that the database was successfully updated or that it is up to date, in fact the only reason I know the database was updated at all was because I happened to see the download in progress and then read the database number, before in malwarebytes 1x messages were displayed saying the database has been updated from whatever version to the new version, or if it was up to date it would say this.
I am not sure were those messages balloons?

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If you managed to have the License Keys in then great.  If not, I can help you thru the Helpdesk to get that in place.

As to navigating the program tabs, Can you use your mouse pointer?


On the very top menu bar ( with the icons) click the one you need.  From there on out, you can use the Left or right arrow keys on keyboard.

and then also the TAB key on the keyboard to move thru the onscreen options.


The thing is at this point, whether or not you have the latest Database update.

I wonder if you could run this diagnostic report:


Download mbam-check.exe and save it to your desktop    from  http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_check
On Vista/Windows 7, 8, Right-click on mbam-check- & select Run as Administrator & allow to Run when prompted by User Account Control.
On XP,Double-click on mbam-check- to run it.

Do have patience while the tool runs.  It may take a while, and will flash a command prompt window.  And then it will start your text editor ( default is typically NOTEPAD).

It should then open a log file CheckResults.txt.  Just do a File >> Exit in NOTEPAD.
You should attach the CheckResults.txt file located on  your desktop so that I can review.

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Hi, I have tried to attach the log file you asked for, but unfortunately this forum isn't that screen reader friendly either, most of it I can get around with difficulty, but the choose files button didn't respond to my keyboard for me to upload the file.
Is there somewhere I should email it?

Regarding my registration it says premium but there is still this fix button on the main screen and its got stuff on it about buying a license.
As for navigating the program, if I am typing in text such as my license ID or registration key I should be able to arrow through those edit fields with my left and right arrow keys so that the information there is read character by character, but this didn't work, and it should do.
About using the mouse pointer this isn't possible because the special cursor mode my screen reader has for doing this doesn't work with malwarebytes and is one issue that needs fixing.it isn't able to read any information on the screen.

When you refer to a menu at the top, do you mean the options you can tab across like view license info or the dashboard button? or buy menu on the top, should there be a menu bar accessed with the alt key, the sort of menu you might get file, edit etc in.
I find that when I press the alt key in malwarebytes I just get a menu with close, minimise maximise.


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The Icon ( menu ) bar is the one just below the very top title bar.  The one next to and to the right of the blue-MBAM icon on the Dashboard.

It does not have a typical windows-style menu mechanism  ( with ALT ).


One the License it seems you need to enter it in but having a issue.  If you will open a Helpdesk ticket I can help you with a script to do that.

Do that at this link https://www.malwarebytes.org/support/consumer/contact/

{ send me a P.M. after you have that and tell me your handle-name....by personal message on this board}.


Lastly, if it turns out this version is not suitable for your needs, I can help you go back to version 1.75

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Hi Maurice,
thanks for your reply, Maurice I am completely blind, this means I can't see anything on my screen at all, so it is completely pointless for you to talk about blue menu bars or positioning of icons I can't see any of that, I rely on use of my screen reader completely to use a computer, meaning that text is read out with artificial speech, and its why I am complaining about the performance of this new release of malwarebytes so much it is far from suitable for my needs and needs a lot more work and testing doing on it.
In its current state I wouldn't recommend any blind users buy this program under any circumstances, I would advise them to check out the competition.
As stated in this thread I am really happy to work with malwarebytes on sorting this situation out, and I look forward to hearing from the quality assurance team when there is a new build I can test.
In the mean time I am going to go back to 1.75 myself, so I will run the cleanup tool twice and then install the copy of 1.75 I still have.
Its strange because in I have entered all the license information correctly and it says premium in the title bar but there is all this stuff about buying a license as well, but even if we got that resolved the fact is there are just two many problems with using this application with a screen reader that just make it unusable especially in the case if the program found a threat, so for simple ease of use and accessibility I am going back to 1.75.
I really hope I hear from the quality assurance team before the next version is released as I am happy to help and I will be quite angry if my offer of help isn't taken up because at the moment I can't use the latest version of a product which I paid for, and I am sure the issues can be resolved.
Has malwarebytes considered approaching blindness organisations in the country you are based in, they could probably advise on accessibility or put you in touch with specialists, organisations like the national federation of the blind in the US for example.

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I apologize for the remarks about the keyboard and screen display. They were just an attempt to explain a bit about the general operation. As to the last part about the license, the License Keys are not properly in place and that is the only reason you got any messages about it.

Yes, stay with version 1.75.

As Samuel noted before, he will arrange for you to be contacted in the future about early beta tests so that you can check with the software that you use.

I wish you well.

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Hello -- I, too, am totally blind and use JAWS and NVDA. The latest production Malware Bytes release (2.03.1025 or whatever it is,) which I recently downloaded, _is better than the 2.02 update, which was impenetrable for keyboard use, but still has a long way to go for full independent usage by a totally blind person using a screen access program. 


I am quite interested in volunteering to test better builds from the viewpoint of blind users. Please e-mail me if you are interested in my efforts. 







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