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Communication of pertinent information re: issues

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Yesterday, I read in a topic pertaining to the issue with the Delay Protection at Start-up setting that the actual functionality of that setting has been disabled in 2.0.3 due to its not being able to be deselected.  Along with that, the poster also indicated that its selection was allowed to remain in the Settings menu even though it neither indicates, nor controls anything at this point.  The poster also pointed out that the Delay Protection at Start-up function would be restored in Ver. 2.1.  This is all very good news!  However, that post is toward the end of that topic, and so is kind of buried.


Today I noticed that there is still discussion going on pertaining to that setting, and yet no effort seems to have been made to communicate to the users that the actual function that the setting controlled had been disabled in 2.0.3, and will be re-enabled in 2.1, and that the setting itself will remain in the Settings menu as merely a placeholder, not having any effect in 2.0.3!


Perhaps it might be useful if a sticky were created, containing only one post with a list of known issues that would be updated during the shakedown period after an update's roll out?  This list would then be edited by one or two people (point of control), and would list each issue as it becomes known, along with a status indicator, and a brief description of what the issue entails, along with the actions taken to mitigate it.


Just one more thought, probably nothing that you haven't already thought of, but I hope that my bringing it up might allow you to rethink its possible usefulness in light of current circumstances.

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All good ideas...

The Delay Protection at Start-up setting has not been removed or disabled, its a bug in the GUI and has been already mentioned or addressed by the product manager, see below... or see the post HERE



The setting is actually disabled. The checkbox remaining checked is simply a GUI bug. If you run our check tool mbam-check.exe and take a look at the StartupDelay setting if it shows 0 then the setting is actually disabled and it will not delay startup of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for 15 seconds, regardless of the condition of the checkbox.


And as you already mentioned, AdvancedSetup (Ron) has stated that it will be fixed in a future build...

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Thanks for straightening that out for me!   :)


However, it might still be worth considering creating a sticky post at the top of this particular forum, where others can get up to date, authoritative information regarding known issues that are usually being dealt immediately following the release of a software update.

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