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I'm running Premium on several computers. I have the program set to disable notifications under general settings, but I still get a ton of notification popups. A few select notifications wouldn't bother me. I guess the most obnoxious culprits are program update notifications. Whenever a new program version comes out, it notifies me daily to update. I like to test new program updates (especially to security software) for a few days to ensure it's not going to cause problems before rolling it out to all computers.


Lo and behold, my caution was validated by the newest release,, which has a bug causing the malicious website protection to fail. This is another thing that generates popups despite my best efforts to disable notifications. (I have read the post regarding this bug and will be clean reinstalling on my computer after I post this; that's not my point). My point is that program update notification popups should be disabled when I disable notifications. What happens when your grandma sees a popup telling her to update, she updates, and now she's getting popups telling her the program doesn't work? She freaks the heck out. Now that I know what to do, I'm likely going to have to clean reinstall it on every computer I run it on (assuming that solves the issue), and it would be really nice if, in the meantime, it would shut up about needing to update.


I understand bugs happen, even in full release versions, but let me decide for myself when I want to update, so I can avoid these massive headaches.

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Hello and Welcome....


I will try and answer your questions/comments....


Currently the Malwarebytes notifications part of the program is being worked on to give users more control as far as what notifications a person gets.  The only setting available for notifications is all or nothing and those are disabled under Settings -> General Settings.


That being said, with the new version of Malwarebytes v2.0.3.1025 you now have the option to disable program updates.  To do this, simply go to Settings -> Update Settings -> Uncheck - Check for program updates when checking for database updates.


As for you mentioning that there is a bug with version causing the malicious website protection to fail, this was not a bug in the program but rather a problem with one of the DB updates as mentioned from the product manager HERE.  Not saying there are not bugs in version 2.0.3, just saying that the one you mentioned also affected other versions of Malwarebytes.



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