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Unable to delete Malwarebytes' shortcut icon

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With the most recent update I also had Malwarebytes add a Desktop shortcut (I don't remember if that option was selected by default or I selected it).  Today I tried deleting the shortcut but I get this error (oddly, the location it references is to Malwarebytes itself, not the Desktop shortcut; also it should be noted that I am on an Administrator account):




Things I've tried (without success):

- Putting in Recycle Bin.

- Shift+Del permanent deletion.

- Running cmd as an Administrator and attempting to delete through there.  1) The shortcut isn't even listed when you use 'dir'; 2) I tried deleting it anyway but it didn't do anything (because it couldn't be found).

- Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN

- Right-click > Properties > Security tab > tried changing owner, but I receive this error:


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Go into MBAM settings, uncheck self protection (which will turn it off), then try deleting the icon.  After you've deleted the icon, go back to MBAM settings, and check self protection (turn it back on).

That worked, thanks :)


For anyone else that needs to do this: Settings > Advanced Settings > untick "Enable self-protection module"

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Hello, @jopa66:

I am running the FREE version and none of these Advanced settings are accessible.

That's correct.
The Advanced Settings are available only to paid, Premium users (and to those using the Trial version).
Are you having a specific problem with MBAM?
If so, it would less confusing for everyone if we could please assist you in your own topic.
Please start a NEW, SEPARATE forum topic using this clickable cjfj.png button.
The staff and experts will be able to more easily provide both you and the OP with individual help to get you both up and running.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

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Thie big begging question is: Why does Malwayrebytes feel a need to so heavily protect a desktop icon?? I have no other programs that lock down a shortcut in such an extreme manner/ I couldn't even change the permissions or take ownership of ... an ICON?

Thanks and hopefully someone can fix it

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Hello and Welcome @Rick_G

First off you have replied to a topic that is way old, we prefer each member start their own topic as all computers are different, the solutions can be different as well.  That being said, here is your response.

If you have Self Protection in Malwarebytes, it protects ALL of the Malwarebytes files, including the desktop shortcut. This is to protect itself from possible being attached by malware.  If you want to delete the desktop shortcut, simple disable the self protect (a reboot my be required to take effect) and then delete the shortcut and then re-enable self protection if needed or wanted.


advanced-settings 3.jpg

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