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Anti Exploit Updates and functionality questions


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Does Anti-Exploit automatically update to the newest version, or do you have to manually update ?


How can you tell if anti-exploit is running properly, and what it is actually doing to protect your browsers ?


In MBAM there is a quarantine tab, that tells you what malicious software MBAM has located and quarantined on your computer.


I only have an anti -exploit  desktop icon, which does not give any such tabs or other information about what this software is actually doing to protect my computer.  How or where can I get more information about the functionality of this MBAE software ???



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Here are answers in order of your questions...


When a new version is available, a dialog box will pop up to let you know. It will ask you if you want to update.


Anti-Exploit has an icon in your taskbar.  Right-click it and then select SHOW MALWAREBYTES ANTI-EXPLOIT.  The program window will appear on your screen.  In the program, the LOGS section will show you any exploit attempts s that have been detected.  SHIELDS will show you what shields are in use.  If you have the Premium version, you can add shields.


Press function key F1 to launch the HELP window.  Look for VERIFYING PROGRAM FUNCTIONALITY to find two ways to test Anti-Exploit with an exploit tester.  It will show you (very clearly, I might add) what Anti-Exploit does when it encounters an exploit attempt.


You can also read through the HELP window to find out a lot about all aspects of the program.

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Ver 1.05 has been out for several days now but I haven't received any pop up dialog boxes.  Neither is there any update path that I could find from the desktop icon.  There was nothing under support on the website either.  I had to sign in and fish around to find the update link.

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