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Windows Start Menu issue...

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Not sure why you feel that way, its a good thing to have Malwarebytes files be protected to prevent Malware from changing them, and then preventing you from being able to clean your computer. Malware has a habit of disabling tools and antivirus programs to self protect the malware from being removed.

With Malwarebytes Self Protection enabled, the malware can not turn off your protection.

Having a lock on my trash can makes sense where I live for two reasons... First, if the wind knocks down my track can, the trash stays inside and I don't have to clean up the mess. Second, it keeps others from putting stuff in my can and filling it up without my permission..... just saying.... everyone has their reasons...

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The shortcuts to launch the program in a user's START menu and/or desktop might be the only way a user knows of launching the software. If malware were to modify or remove those links, such a user might not be able to launch the program to attempt to remove the malware. We've seen the bad guys do things like this, so self-protection is our countermeasure against that. If a user is not comfortable navigating the Program Files folder (and indeed, Windows even warns users against even showing these files/folders when first visited after installing Windows itself/booting Windows for the first time), then we want to make sure that they are still able to launch our application when needed in order to remediate a malware infection.

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OK, but that appears stupid to me.


It's equivalent to put a padlock on a trash can...





No.  It is more like a PIN on the Parental Controls set on a Cable Set Top Box (STB).  Thus preventing the children from modifying Parental Controls so they can watch Adult Content (ie., Porn).


It only appears stupid to you because you do not understand what malware will do, what it does and what lengths it will go to such that its payload is deployed successfully.

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Sorry, but I don't have any padlock on my trash can because there is no misery where I live, or crazy person to use it... ;-)

Keep in mind, that I'm speaking only about shortcuts.

I don't care if they disappear because it's very easy to recreate them...

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