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MBAM + MBAE conflict with BitDefender


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Excuse my bad English 


Following the conflict Bitdefender Mbam XP sp3, I was told that I might be infected ... 


See Topic MBAM + Mbae conflict with BitDefender (Malwarebytes Anti-Help)    What are the minor problems? 



The PC is composed of three systems, W764, XP32, XP64 


W764: Bitdefender + Mbae Free + Mbam Premium (Everything works) 


XP32: Bitdefender + Mbae Free  + Mbam Premium (Everything worked until late September or Bitdefender amended its version to or its virus database is considered malveilant Mbam (But Mbam beta1 to solve the problem). 

Mbae does not work, will not boot. 

(464 days of proper operation) 


XP64: Emsisoft + Mbae Free + Mbam Premium (Everything works except web protection Mbam, who has never worked under XP64, even without Emsisoft (no conflict)) 

Mbae works 

Bitdefender is not supported on XP64, not even the 32-bit version 

Emsisoft, his second motor (B) Bitdefender, works in 32-bit 


The system is scanned in all directions ... and for me, there is no malware 

Easy, from a partition, scan another partition ... 


AdwCleaner, TDSSKiller, Mbam, Mbar, Emsisoft, Bitdefender  ... (And much more)



I wish we did not lose time looking for a problem, or it does not exist.    All negative scan  



XP 32 the problem is Bidefender. They will do nothing.   (Resolved with Mbam beta1, thank you) 


I received Bitdefender: End of inadmissibility 

Single leitmotif: Uninstall Mbam + Mbae



Remaining problem: Under XP Mbae not working



Attached the log files : 











Best Regards

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Good evening , Hello, 


OK, post in Malware Removal Help

       post in Anti-Mawrebytes Help

If necessary, move to subject Mbae






Whatever the Bitdefender settings, AVC, IDS and access scanning. Mbae Free does not work 


Whatever settings Bitdefender All components Off, Firewall off, Bitdefender disabled, 

reboot the machine. Mbae Free does not work 


Bitdefender uninstalled and Free Mbae starts immediately




Best Regards 

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